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Do men shave or wax their chests?

Asked by vishaldove (5points) June 1st, 2009 from iPhone

which is more painful and what gives better results?

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Why would you? It would make as much sense as a man shaving his legs.

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The men I know who take off their chest hair say the wax is more painful but a better, longer lasting result.

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well all young guys when go to the gym and then jump into the pool with great bodies and clean chest look better than those with hairy chest.

I wouldnt want to wax arms or legs but chest should he smooth I think. sweats less in heat as well.

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It’s the same as any other hairy body part. Shaving is faster, easier, and cheaper, but it gets stubbly quickly. Waxing can be a little painful and more expensive but you get much better results.

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would guys get waxing done at home or get done from outside.

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It’s possible to do it at home, but I would strongly recommend going to a salon. I’ve tried to wax my own legs and stuff, and it’s harder than it looks.

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my husband shaves his
not that he has a lot of hair there

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@vishaldove: men go into salons all the time to get waxed. Call a few nail salons since they almost always also offer waxing. A salon will have better experience with the temp and texture of wax to use on different body parts as well as familiarity with the direction of your hair growth to give you the best result.

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my cousin has to shave his back. the hair on his head connects to the hair on his back at his neck. pretty funny to me but he is considering laser hair removal HA HA HA sorry

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I pluck my babe’s stray hairs teehee

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Some do. I don’t.

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I shaved my chest once last summer. I hadn’t seen it in 8 or 9 years since i was 18 or 19 years old. I shaved that pelt off then flexed away in front of the mirror checking out what was hidden artillery.

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Then @buster was arrested for possessing weapons of mass destruction! =P

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Yes, they are called metrosexuals or homosexuals. Masculine men don’t.

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@FireMadeFlesh Yeah, that’s not really true. Many metrosexuals shave or wax, it’s true. But so do many non-metrosexuals. Same with homosexuals.

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@Likeradar To my understanding, that is one of the defining features of a metrosexual.

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my husband shaves his chest
he doesn’t identify as gay
or as metrosexual
he doesn’t like gender roles
neither do I

but that’s not why he shaves his chest
he shaves it because he has a nice tattoo on it and doesn’t like hair covering it up
this is why it’s silly to connect these bodily rituals to gender identity

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@FireMadeFlesh What Simone said. And not all gay people or metrosexuals do anything, and not all “masculine men” (whatever that is) don’t participate in hair removal. Gross generalizations bug the shit out of me, if you couldn’t tell.

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Waxing always gives better results, but shaving is easier and cheaper. My husband shaves his occasionally.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir and @Likeradar I guess it was an over-generalisation. Society puts undue pressure on women to worry about their appearance, but not on men in general. Metrosexuals/homosexuals tend to have feminine attributes, such as self-consciousness about appearance. Well that was my line of thought anyway. I realise it is personal choice.

As you probably guessed, its not my personal choice.

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