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Should questions that could be easily answered by a Google search be summarily deleted?

Asked by _bob (2485points) June 1st, 2009

Is it me, or have these questions that sound like somebody’s homework started to proliferate lately?

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(but aren’t yes no questions deleted these days too??)

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I should probably have answered:
“I do feel that there has been an increase of “should be googled” category questions, and I agree there should be moderation imposed on these sorts of questions.”

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Yes, I do believe that these types of questions should be discouraged and/or mocked into oblivion.

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Yes, there are a million questions that should be deleted, for a million reasons. Lately it’s been raining trash.

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@bythebay What a great way to express it. I agree!

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sad, but true.

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Nah. This website gets people more involved, plus google just sometimes isnt as efficient at getting the results you need for a general question.

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@dynamicduo‘s idea of “mocking into oblivion” is probably the best that we can do. not to mention its much more fun!

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Aboslutely. If the answer requires a couple google searches should be removed. More than that I think it is acceptable to ask. Especially if you want human opinions. ;)

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Fred931: in other words, you’d rather have other people search Google and provide you with pre-digested results. Not cool, not constructive.

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Actually, some people just aren’t very good at googling, or at discerning which google results are valuable or useful and which are bunk. I suggest that if you think a question shouldn’t be answered because it can be googled you should give it a miss. OTOH, some of these questions can result in an interesting and edifying discussion that can range far afield from the original simple answer.

So I say leave ‘em up and just skip them if they bug you.

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Yes, they should be removed. Anyone can either use Google themselves or ask someone else to help. The format of Fluther is for debates, opinion based questions, or a detailed explanation of something in a way that can be modified to suit the learning style of the questioner. Anything that needs human answers rather than Google/Wikipedia is good for Fluther, otherwise not.

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