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If a guy sends you songs, does it mean he's trying to tell you something?

Asked by gelifly (11points) June 1st, 2009

They’re mostly country songs that are very sweet, romantic and honest. He sends me the links to them via IM. He’s been a friend of mine for years, and we’ve always been drawn to each other in many ways. We had a brief few months together romantically and then it ended on a bad note. We’re back in touch, sort of, through IM mostly, and today he sent me a few songs, one of which is Marina Del Rey – lyrics here: – is he trying to tell me that this is goodbye for us for good? Am I reading too much into it? He’s sent me many songs over the past several months (we both love music a lot), so I’m just trying to wrap my head around it.

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Honestly, I think you’re reading into it too much. Generally, in my experience, guys aren’t as subtle as this at all. But with your specific case, and with your history, who knows. I suggest simply asking him if you really must resolve this – after all, no internet answer will be his exact answer.

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If somebody sends you country, the only thing they are trying to tell you is that they wish to punish your ears.

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Before my boyfriend and I were dating, he would always send me songs, via youtube, and they DID mean something. Of course I asked him. So why not ask :D

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I would say you’re probably over analyzing. When I had a boyfriend make me a mix cd, I thought all of the songs had some kind of meaning, but he just apparently chose song that he thought I’d like, which is thoughtful too. Unless his behavior indicates thathe’d be trying to tell you something with it, I would say not to worry too much.

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He’s your friend so ask him how the song touched him in order to send it to you. As @TitsMcGhee says, sometimes people share songs they think you might like and other times they share songs they feel says something about the two of you. Ask.

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If he’s sending u songs, he is without a doubt trying to tell u something, don’t read into the songs…just ask him, I know that sounds impossible but it seems like u guys know each other well enough to ask.

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just ask him face to face.

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“I’m interested in knowing which songs you like, and I like some of them too, but it seems like you might mean something more by it. What are you trying to tell me?”

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Actually if i have it right, he doesn’t wants to go away.
My heart has stayed In marina del rey trust your heart on this one sweety!

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Wow – you guys rock! Thank you for the feedback! I’ve asked him if the songs had any special meaning for him before (not these two in particular, but others he had sent in the past). He never really said that they had anything to do with me or us, so that’s probably the case here. He’s either shared them with me b/c he thought I’d like them or just b/c he liked them. He always said how he loved that I asked him what the songs meant to him. I felt it gave me some insight into his soul, so I was naturally curious.

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@gelifly Why not ask him now? If you two had something in the past, they probabably have a deep meaning…

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This question can best be answered for you within the context of your relationship—however, I think that when you get this kind of attention from a man, he certainly is thinking of you and wanting to share something of himself—and this doesn’t sound too bad to me.

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I do think he is trying to say something by sending you this song. However, I don’t think he is trying to say goodbye to you in that way. I honestly think that he is trying to become better friends with you. I think he is trying to hint that he wants to end the fact that you guys don’t really talk anymore because you WERE romantically evolved.

Many romantic relationships are evolved from friendships. And, when the romantic relationship must end, the friendship naturally ends too.

Maybe he feels that his relationship with you has taken two separate paths. He probably wants to be able to completely say goodbye to the romantic friendship that you guys had in order to be able to become better friends with you.

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Sounds as if he still thinks of you in a good way and still wants some sort of contact. However, most guys are pretty straight forward so I think you just need to ask him what is going on.

It could be he just thinks you might like the songs. It could be just that he likes the songs. It could be he wants to go back to being friends. It could be he wants something more than that. It could just be that he sends everyone his song of the day.

But you will never know if you don’t ask him.

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