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What is the Flutherbot?

Asked by Fred931 (9414points) June 1st, 2009

I recently saw it in the blog, but there wasn’t anything in the text that told me exactly what it was.

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The “bot” that notifies you when you have comments, activity, etc. It’s quite friendly, actually.

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Is it relatet to the flutherborg ?

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@Staalesen No, Flutherborg are related to Flutherzombies.

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ahh…. But flutherbot is a Autobot transformer I belive…
Hmm.. this needs creative thinking…

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Why did the girl throw butter out the window?
to see a flutterbu… blutherby…blutterflyte…

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blutherf… butterflu… blutherfff…

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blutherfluff ?
Flufferthuff ?

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I got it, I got it. It’s a name they are using for the automated service that sends notifications to you when you have messages and answers. I got one today.

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fartfluth?! hehe j/k

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