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Do you think the use of "lol" is overrated?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1775points) June 1st, 2009

I think the true meaning now is lack of laughter

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Yes. But not lol4rl.

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LOL, what do you mean?

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ROFLOL this is a funny question, its sooo lolriffic
Honestly, i do use rofl now instead of lol. I don’t know why really.

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Yes. So much so that I wrote a diatribe about it on one of gail’s questions, and own One of these days I’ll get around to putting the site up.

I’d try and find the original post, but it seems like everyone in the collective has taken to using it. * blush *.

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Do you mean is it overused?

Yes. So is just about every other textspeak abbreviation and every imaginable emoticon.

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I believe that this cartoon is very appropriate. lol4rl

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Like it or not, it’s part of our internet vernacular now. I tend not to use textspeak unless it’s with someone who already uses it then I do as a means of communication and not in a vain effort to prove how |337 I am.

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I use lmao or lmmfao

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I like you’re guys responses but personally when people type ROFL I know they’re not really rolling on the floor laughing so I find it more appropriate to use socl… which means sitting on chair laughing

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LOL never gets old! (example: peanut butter LOL!

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Over rated? It isn’t rated at all. I have NEVER used the expression and I have been using Usenet/internet since 1982 well before Tim Berners-Lee stuffed it up. Back when everything was Unix/CP/M and you wrote your own apps.

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And. So. Is. This.

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I use “lol” to indicate that certain things I said were intended as a joke or to be humorous because sometimes there are things that I say that without the “lol”, people might think I was being serious. I used to indicate that I’m not angry about something. And I also use it to indicate that something on the internet made me smile. So no, I find it most useful and I will continue to use it.

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Well, I could just as well write “ha ha” or something else, but many times “lol” fits better. Maybe it’s a generation issue. Maybe some people are just a bit uptight about what should or shouldn’t be.

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lol. wut?

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Update: is live. Ish.

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@All: Andrew alluded to this question, asked by me in early January. (Remind oneself to thank Andrew for improved search engine.)

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I HATE that word it literally makes me cringe

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I like lol4rl.

(The site and the expression.)

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Ha, yeah it is overrated but before it was reallly bad.
Now people more or less just use it when they have nothign better to say or are trying to end a conversation. i know when im texting someone and im bored with them or dont want to talk i just say “lol” and thats that.

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yes, but it conveys it’s meaning so well.
it’s quick.
it’s easy.
it means haha!
wait, we’re not talking about ‘oh my god, that was hilarious, thank you for sharing that really funny joke,’ are we? well, we really need an idiom for that.

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A little, but rotflol is SO IN!

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“Arf!” is a far better substitute.

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