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Why is there always a "suck up" quote under my user name?

Asked by MrGV (4170points) June 1st, 2009

Is it suppose to make us feel good? haha
“My, don’t you look dapper!”
“We want to be just like you when we grow up”

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Because this is Fluther and that’s how Bendrew rolls.

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It’s a lurve quote!

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I would miss it if they stopped giving me those. They always make me laugh. The last one said “does your Mother know your here?” It made me jump. it took me a few minutes before I remembered it was just a computer and had no idea… right?

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Yeah, learn to take a compliment. It’s healthy.

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I liked the “you have something on your chin. No, on the left. The other left.”

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hey, some days that’s the only love lurve I get!!

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Sorry misquote “You have something in your teeth” not “on your chin” as noted earlier.

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You would have loved the quotes on April 1st!

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It’s the only time someone notices I wash my hair.

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They told me not to tell, but I am their favorite.

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And I am wearing a color that really looks good on me. I know because Fluther can look through my monitor and see what I am wearing.

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I had them at hello.

Geez…don’t look at it as a “suck” up comment. Try thinking of it as a random nice thing for the day. No big deal!

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right now, they <3 me

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I know! What, do they think it’s funny? Douche bags! How dare they!


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Somehow they know my desk is really messy, even when I look great.

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Maybe we can come up with a customized and more suitable list for MrGreenGenes@MrGenevan.

We’re sorry you’re such a curmudgeon.
Please leave; you’re ruining the party.
There’s one in every family haha
Dourness leads directly to depression
Rain on someone else’s picnic.

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I look smashing! oh, they see me in my pjs…scary!

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@gailcalled why are you going around trolling me get a life seriously

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@MrGeneVan i think she likes you

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@MrGeneVan If you need a bit of balance try adding yourself to your Fluther.

At the moment they are keeping a seat warm for me. Just how warm? This could be good or bad.. just sayin’

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@MrGeneVan: I assumed that if you didn’t like the “suck-up” quips, you’d like the “suck-down” ones better. That seemed responsive and nice. Also for you: W, ?, G.S.

Do let us know clearly just what would make you feel good, please.

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