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Are Skullcandy headphones any good?

Asked by Nefily (633points) June 1st, 2009 from iPhone

I need a new pair of headphones for my ipod and all my friends have the skullcandy ones but they seem to break alot. Anyone have good advice on a decent pair of headphones. If I pay good money I want the headphones to have good sound and last long.

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I have iPod headphones, they work pretty good and have lasted me a looong time, they should last a long time you just need to take care of them

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Hmm, I have Skullcandy headphones. Mine work wonderfully. They also block out all the outside noises and the bass is perfect! I like them. (Plus they are pink. I like pink.)

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More answers here.

Actually, if you search for skullcandy there are quite a few positive reviews.

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People keep asking this same question. And I keep giving the same answer: has a good selection tool. You should check out. Also, I have the impression that Skullcandy cares more about style than audio quality. I’ve never used them, but I would still recommend against them.

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the earbuds are shitty, but i’ve heard good things about the headphones.

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I have an iPhone, I have gone through two sets of the ones that cost me $99.00 a piece! After about a month they both broke at the beginning of the V and left only the left ear working. The worst part is apple will not replace them again. But, the sound was great. As for shullcandy, earphones i’ll find out tomorrow and let you know! I apologize for not answering your question. Perhaps I’ll know more tomorrow and that may help!

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The pair I bought were a bit uncomfortable after wearing them for a couple hours, and very uncomfortable when wearing them all day at work. They were a little too small and pressed on my ears, which made them all hot and sore. They broke in my backpack (the plastic bit) and I didn’t bother to try to fix them.

Actually, I picked up a $20 Walgreen’s brand pair and they fit like a dream and I totally love them. Maybe not studio quality, but great for noise cancellation and good sound. Try them if you don’t want to break the bank. They do not work with iPhone though, you need the adapter =/

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They are amazing I love them.

At first they feel weird but you get used to it, plus they are great for working out :)

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I have the ear buds and love them. Have had them for awhile now without any issues of breakage or a downplay in the quality. I would definitely recommend them.

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I’ve used 3 or 4 different kind of Skullcandy headphones, the in-ear buds and the over the ear. They look really cool, sound great and EVERYONE asks what kind they are. I have an Iphone and I especially like the ones with the mics on them. I’m pretty sure they all have a lifetime warranty too. I’d recommend them.

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