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Has anyone heard of the seven year old girl who weighs 400 pounds?

Asked by curioscamel (81points) June 1st, 2009

Does anyone have any strong opinions on this ?

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Child abuse.

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There were a number of obese toddlers and young children featured on Dr Phil one day. I think it is a combination of inadequate insurance and non-existant child raising training. I feel very sorry for both the child and the parent.

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I think we need solutions not scorn.

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solution is.. rehab. or better yet buy their family a fitness trainer at the local gym..?

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She lost the weight. I found this on youtube.

It’s very sad though. I bet this girl will have life long difficulties due to this situation.

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That’s horrible

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@WhatThaFluther Your answer is admirable, yet shows a serious misunderstanding of the underlying issues. Simply joining a family fitness gym will not come close to addressing the actual cause, rather than the symptom.

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Wow… that is so sad. I’m glad to see that she’s lost the weight, but I wonder if she’ll struggle with it all her life. She’s going to need a lot of support as an adult to stick with it.

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Sad, sad, sad….........

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She has lost a lot of that weight now..

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@YARNLADY Methinks you are confusing @WhatThaF with @whatthefluther.

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@Dog so that’s it…I tried the @ and it didn’t work. thanks for the heads up

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It is really sad. Initial reaction is “Why aren’t the parents in jail – this is extreme child abuse”? But that is not realistic. Obviously the parents have problems also, problems that are affecting the child. The clip doesn’t address that side of it. Are the parents incredibly naive? Are they incapable of saying no to the child when she asks for food? Do they have any concept of what is regarded as good nutrition? Are they obese and for that reason unable to refuse the child food?

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