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Is it correct that the movie Titanic is depicting the tragic end of capitalism?

Asked by bil (20points) June 1st, 2009

It seems that such a great work will have something more to say than recalling the story of a ship wreck only.

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Nope, its about a shitty love story.

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Yes, and Star Trek’s hidden message shows the glorious reemergence of Capitalism following the release of a new internal US currency nondependent on international monetary arrangements.

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Wood and rice will be expensive though, but hopefully the US won’t try to annex Mexico & Guatemala.

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I don’t think so. Aside from the special effects, it really isn’t such a great movie. I think it is depicting the end of a ship, focusing on human-interest stories because that’s what makes a drama, only it didn’t really do that part very well.

I think its purpose was to make money, which if anything glorifies capitalism.

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you may not know this, but there was a ship called Titanic and it did, in fact, sink. The last survivor just died this week.

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Yeah, it’s not metaphorically depicting anything. It’s a movie about a real event that actually happened.

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And some author wrote a story many years before about a ship that was unsinkable called the Wreck of the Titan, and guess what, it sank in the North Atlantic after hitting an iceberg, too.

You know the conspiracy theorists just LOVE that one.

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Just noting, @Ivan, that the sinking of the RMS Titanic really happened but that the main characters in the movie were fictitious. The event was real, but the story wasn’t.

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The mythological Titans were killed or buried. Why do people like to name things with disaster names? Who wants to bet that, within 5 years, there’s a car model named the “Explode”?

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I tend not to give a serious response to people who have just appeared on the Fluther horizon.

Capitalism hasn’t come close to ending. It might be devouring itself currently – but just like a cat, it will regurgitate the mess and expect someone else to clean it up.

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Uh, no. The Titanic is a movie about the real life ship which was downed in the same fashion. They sure as hell took creative liberties in many places, but they weren’t trying to make some double meaning movie about capitalism, it’s just a tragic love story.

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I thought it was a movie about Molly Brown.

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I think the Titantic disaster depicts the tragic end of scientific hubris. Engineers today have learned their lessons. There is no 100% reliable technology. We can optimize the management of the imperfection.

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The end of scientific hubris? At the moment more and more longer term studies are indicating that mobile phones DO cause cancer. I guess we’ll know in another decade or two. How about sweeteners and other “safe” chemicals in food? Irradiation of food has been highlighted recently, banned for pet food, but still considered safe for humans.

Hubris is a long way from dead, it isn’t even feeling poorly.

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@psyla there was already a car named that. Of course Ford had the foresight to call it the Pinto, and it came out in 1973.

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@DarkScribe – My point exactly. There is no safe technology. Mobile phones might cause cancer especially when overused, although the risk of smoking is 100,000 times more risky. Getting into a car is more risky than the moderate use of mobile phones. Inhaling particulate matter e.g. created by brakes is more risky. Whatever modern civilization does has risks attached to it. Hubris would to be suggesting a risk-free world. Still life expectancy has tripled over the past 10000 years. One Titanic sinks, 10000 others stay afloat. One plane crashes over the Atlantic, 10000 others reach their destination safely.

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Not for James Cameron. He made bank and made sure to tell us all about it.

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