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If brain-graft leases were legalized, whose temporal lobe would you like grafted to your brain?

Asked by psyla (2544points) June 1st, 2009 from iPhone

It would involve outpatient surgery and a slightly enlarged skull. 6 month leases only, please, then return the rented brain to it’s owner.

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Probably a writer’s. Douglas Adams would be good.

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Audrey Hepburn. Hands Down.

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Do dead people count? Maybe Abraham Lincoln and Einstein. I suspect I would have a huge head if I were sharing it with them!

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I’d snip a lobe off someone local. Get to know them first then ask to lease their brain. Are we attracted to renting brains from sexy and/or famous people? I am. But these attributes don’t guarantee a good lease, if anything it might cause dull thoughts and poor sleep.

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My friend Licia. She’s the most brilliant and creative person I know. I’m not unhappy with myself in the imagination department, but Licia is just… wow. I love watching and listening to her work through art, writing and just random thoughts, but I’d willingly give up body parts to be able to actually feel it.

I’d also love to do a six-month brain switch with my friend Heather. She’s faceblind and I’m… inverse faceblind or something. Everyone looks familiar to me, even if I’ve never seen then before in my life.

Also, Blondesjon. I don’t agree with him very often, but I don’t think he’s ever given an answer that I didn’t find either amusing or interesting. Like with Licia, I’d love to be able to actually experience the process of the thoughts forming.

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It may be better to be dual-brained so we could experience our own thoughts forming and differentiate them from the graft’s thoughts as they surfaced.

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Why can I only have the temporal lobe? If I only get one, I’d like the prefrontal cortex, please. And do I get Talairach coordinates for the lobe I do pick?!

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Yes, you can lease prefrontal cortexes and whatever a Talairach coordinate is, but no amygdalas and no cingulate gurus due to brain depth and potential for emotional outbursts. Cerebellums and brain stems are not useful as a graft.

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Newton…or Twain. Do they count?
What about God?

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No matter how you define God, unless you’re an atheist, even an evolutionist would already have a brain graft of what he considers to be God. Many elements in our bodies are created in the process of the formation of stars. What? Mark Twain? Better than Edgar Allen Poe I suppose.

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@psyla What are you smoking?

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This is just my normal self. Nice to meet you!

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@psyla This is just my normal self. Nice to meet you!

Hi, nice to meet you too.

So, you are normally in a perpetually stoned state?

Can you translate this:

No matter how you define God, unless you’re an atheist, even an evolutionist would already have a brain graft of what he considers to be God.

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I don’t use the stuff. Whiskey has been good to me. I constantly drink Energy Drinks as my only vice. My only crime is a case of the lead foot when driving. I paint weird pictures: I guess the combination makes me seem stoned. Yup, this is my usual self.

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@psyla Ok, whisky/whiskey is good for everyone – ask any Scotsman (or Irishman if you are feeling adventurous).

I gather that you can’t translate that sentence?

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An athiest doesn’t believe in the existence of God so, for an atheist, there can be no concept of being physically related to a spiritual entity.

Religions that include deitys all have a spiritual relationship to their deity and usually a physical relationship as well, in being descended from or created by the deity.

Intelligent design descibes a “creator” and evolutionists, basically, have nature itself as their God.

Psychologists have archetypes.

Some form of whatever the person believes God is, except for atheists, is already present physically in the body. So it would be redundant to get a brain-graft from God. We can already access that part of ourselves in whatever way we believe or understand it.

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@psyla Ok.

Some form of whatever the person believes God is, except for atheists, is already present physically in the body.

Says who… and why should it be?

I know many people with a strong religious belief who would not agree with you. I used to be devout, and at that stage I wouldn’t.

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Not sure I understand your question.. As far as “Says who” should I believe only what someone with authority or reputation states and discount the thoughts of all others? Many people follow what the TV tells them to do as far as setting the ideal for human beauty & what products to buy.

As far as “Why it should be” we naturally create God in the image of ourselves, except for Hindus who created Ganesh in the image of an elephant, so whatever God we believe in, accept, or create is already based on our own physique.

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@psyla You are attempting to speak for people that you have never met and know nothing about. You can only speak for yourself. Your beliefs are fine – for you – but they are not universal. To say that another person “naturally creates” anything is nonsense – you don’t know that – you simply presume that. I don’t fit your mould – as many billions of others don’t.

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perhaps so. food for thought.

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@psyla Food for thought is the only sustenance that has permanent value. ;)

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You’ve made me curious about your spiritual views. Is there God? What is God? Does spirituality require deity? Do you dislike religious topics? Is religion a major negative force in the world today? Just curious.

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@psyla You really don’t want to know. There is no God and if there was, and he was as described in the Bible, I would attempt to attack him. I cannot understand why anyone would want to know such an uncaring, self absorbed bastard.

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@DarkScribe I agree! My personal religious beliefs are based on the writings of Carl Gustaf Jung, a psychologist who separated from Sigmund Freud when their views clashed.

According to Jung, we have subconcious “archetypes” that are basically each a separate collection/association of ideas about human roles in life. For example, there is an archetype for “Father”, “Mother”, “Prostitute”, “Fireman”, “Sexy Girl”, “Boss”, – you name the role & there’s an archetype where all experiences with anyone in that role are combined in the subconcious.

The killer part of this human psychological anatomy is that these archtypes are autonomous. They act independently of our will and we cannot control them.

Each person’s subconcious archetypes are different based on personal life experiences.

We can identify, describe, & work with our own unique archetypes, but we cannot control them nor their actions. They cause events in our lives to happen through timing, mood, & our automatic responses.

Being subconcious, archtypes have total access to the vast stored memory-information database of the subconcious, so they seem God-like in what they can do.

I believe all religions are a mishandling of archtypes due to people not understanding what’s happening in their own minds.

These are just my personal beliefs & I, in no way, want to force others to subscribe to them. It’s my own point of view & it’s unfit for most people in the current world we live in.

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Well psyla. if I were to go through such a procedure (and my head hurts just thinking about it), might as well go all out with the archetype of the renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci. There will probably be a long waiting list for that brain, however, so, my second choice would be Groucho Marx. (I don’t think Groucho would mind, but do you suppose Leonardo will mind terribly if I pollute his brain with tequila and what have you? By the way, what have you?) See ya…

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I’d probably discover that Einstein’s brain was quite simple. Good in math, but to pose such simple questions about the universe… I bet we’d all be shocked by the unexpected thoughts that cropped up in our brain graft.

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