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What do you value most, Power? Money? Attractive mates, Respect? If you could obtain all this without compromising you faith and your faith was race-based would it be worth it? Why or why not?

Asked by Crusader (576points) June 2nd, 2009

Several belief systems offer this, only a few actually deliver, with the help of 2nd class citizen members…

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Telling, no responses yet…

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Don’t rush me… I’m still trying to process the idea of a faith that values power, money, attractive mates, respect and racial distinction. This may take awhile.

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I’d love to answer but can’t make sense of the question. What faith values power & money, and is race driven?

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@Crusader Dude, you’ve asked when it was 7:30AM EST, North America isn’t even awake now, no kidding you have no answers. The only thing it’s telling of is that you aren’t patient, no surprises there.

No belief system I know of other than atheism gives you money. All of them seem to take money from you.

And none of your listed attributes matter to me. What matters to me is my happiness, of which no religion can provide me with.

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@Crusader: Most of us are big boy & girls here, we can handle a tough question. Spit out your real question without the vague clues….what are you really asking?

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My faith is based on the human race.
We value charity over personal hoarding of wealth.
Through service and companionship and cooperation we find power and respect for ourselves and others.
Oh, and my future wife is very attractive.

Why do you ask?

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The thing I value the highest is content. This covers contentment with all aspects of my life. I work towards contentment, and once that is achieved I seek to maintain it.

Edit: I achieve all I desire in accordance with my faith, because I have no faith.

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Change my future wife to my future husband and I say ditto what @Fireside wrote.

What is this race based faith that offers power and wealth along with a gorgeous mate and respect? Is it called the Church of Capitalism? A faith that offers me all of these things is a waste of time as far as I’m concerned if it leaves me feeling hollow and requires me to exploit others.

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Thank you all for you contributions.

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Money brings power, power brings attractive mates and respect is what you believe it to be. Even if it is just ass kissing to get closer to your money and power.

We all want it. Some of us will never get it. Unless we see it as not materialistic but what we can live with.

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None of those things hold very much value for me.

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Seems to me that all these things help a person gain status, and among social animals like us, status is the most important thing. This is true irrespective of race or faith. I doubt if anyone could state a preference and have it be meaningful.

I’m really conflibulated by the idea of a race-based faith. What is such a thing?

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Yes. Because.

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@Blondesjon: Man, that was deep.

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@bythebay . . . You know me. I’m a giver.

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@Blondesjon: Just one of your many amazing traits! ;p

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Define this question, please….

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Eureka! I think I’ve cracked the code! I had to put on my special Crusader glasses, and then it all became clear.

Correct me if I’m wrong, Crusader, but here’s what I think you’re talking about:

All the so-called minorities out there (non-whites, gays, feminists and their deluded liberal cronies) are conniving to grab power, money, respect and lovely white spouses, all at the expense of what they see as the white male sub-class. Their “faith” of liberal ideology completely condones and urges them on in this power grab, so of course they’re going to do it.

Does that sum it up?

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@Harp you always know what to say! :)

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@Harp…Thank you. As is normally the case with @Crusader questions I sit dumbstruck wondering wtf? knowing that @Crusader will expose his/her/its agenda before long although that general agenda has become all too clear. You have wisdom and patience and of course those special Crusader glasses and I believe you got it without Crusader having to utter another word. Please, please remove those glasses immediately (but keep them handy)...they are hazardous to your health, mind and heart.

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Funny, while I’m wearing them, I have an irresistible urge to vote for Mitt Romney

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@Harp . . .i wish there was some was to give you 1000 lurve for that. i’m actually wiping tears from my eyes.

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@Harp…I warned you, take them off now (I hope it is not too late and fear permanent damage….but I must say, it sure doesn’t look good)

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I have no faith that is race based, I have learned that race is insignificant. I have no belief system. I simply believe what my brain thinks is right for me. Not a system, just a reality in my existence. I value my life and its complexities and how I wake up each morning with a fresh start to be my best. That is what makes me tick. An interesting question, but puzzling in its styling.

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Why is HONOR not included in that list?

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