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Where can I take salsa lessons in San Francisco?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) June 2nd, 2009

Pretty self explanatory… I am looking for something not too expensive where I don’t always have to have a partner with me, though I do have someone who wants to learn with me.

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I worked at ODC for a couple of years and the directors are great. They are in the Mission but hold classes in other venues. Single classes are $12 with multiple classes cheaper.

Look under classes, adult classes besides what is listed below they have everything from ancient hula to clogging to hip hop.

Salsa Rueda
Timing: Fridays, 7–8 pm Beg., 8–9 pm Int., 9–10 Adv.
Sidney’s class teaches Miami-style Salsa and Havana-style Casino moves. Each class addresses three distinct levels (i.e. Beg 1, 2, & 3) taught simultaneously by three instructors. See the curricula on to find your level (or see an instructor). Class Prerequisites: BEGINNING: A good working knowledge of beginning/ intermediate Salsa footwork and partnering. INTERMEDIATE: Beginning levels 1–3 of Casino Rueda. ADVANCED: Beginning and Intermediate levels 1–3 of Casino Rueda.
See when this class is offered

Salsa- Beg
Instructors: Tuesdays 7:30–8:15pm with Gabriel Romero
Learn caliente dance moves in this introductory class that builds musical timing, footwork and leading and following technique. Singles and couples welcomed.
Watch video of this class

Salsa Int.
Instructors: Tuesdays 8:15–9:15pm, Thursdays 8–9:30 pm with Gabriel Romero
Timing, connection, and style will be emphasized while students develop arm movements and explore the dancers’ relationship in new turns, figures and footwork.

Salsa Adv.
Instructors: Tuesdays 9:15–10:15pm with Gabriel Romero
Build on your technical foundation as you focus on musicality and style to take your moves to the next level. We recommend taking this class concurrently with the intermediate level class.

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I took at ODC as well. +1.

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thanks, guys!

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