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How much status is enough for you?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) June 2nd, 2009

Money, power, sexual attraction, altruism, music, organizing skills…. they are all different routes to attaining the esteem of others. It’s a kind of self-perpetuating system, though. The more you are esteemed, the easier it is to get the things that come with prestige.

How much do you feel like you need in order to consider yourself successful? How much do you want? How much do you think you should want?

It’s hard to quantify these things, so it might be helpful to explain it with examples or images or the kind of status you’d like.

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I want enough money to support my family and I don’t care to ‘show off’ that money in any other way; I want status through my career but only through doing good, important work that others learn from (I want to be a professor that students want to learn from, etc.)

Otherwise, no status needed, thanks

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At one point in my life those things actually mattered to me, then I graduated from high school.

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I’m not really interested in having a high status like that. I will consider myself successful when I finish school, get a nice paying full time job, can help support my family and live comfortably. Also, raising my children to be respectable members of society.

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Presonally: Nil. Seriously, I’m more than happy so long as I can provide for my family.

I wonder if pursuing status for its own sake is s self-defeating proposition. I’d assume at some point, your body of work or credibility should speak for itself and thereby build status for you. In other wise, lasting status is best obtained indirectly as the other kind is just a flash in the pan if you come under scrutiny.

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Very little. All I want is some land and a house and some goats. Of course, I’ll need to play the working game to get to this point, but so long as I am progressing down the path towards attaining this, I consider myself successful.

But none of this is to attain the esteem of others, I do it cause I want to be happy personally with my own life and my own capabilities. I am happy now even without goats and land.

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Like @casheroo, I want to finish college and get a good job that pays me enough to be comfortable. More important than material objects is my happiness and the happiness of my friends and family. I’d rather drive a less expensive car, or live in a cheaper house, or wear less expensive clothes, so I can have more money to go out and enjoy life. I’ve known people who were so concerned about “keeping up with the Joneses” that they struggled just to get by. Sure, from the outside it looked like they had it all, but they were up to their eyeballs in debt and barely making ends meet. That is not my idea of a good life.

Also, I’ve never been impressed with “status”. I live in a town that has a lot of “old money”. This means that there are a lot of people who have a lot of money, but didn’t actually go out and make that money for themselves. They have fancy houses and cars, go out to nice dinners every night, and act like they should be catered to. If a person has a lot of money and nice things because he or she has actually worked hard for it, then I can respect them although I still feel that a lot of expensive material objects are unnecessary. But people like the ones in my town… zero respect. Do something with yourself and your life rather than spending your daddy’s money.

Recently, I was standing outside a restaurant and got into a sort of conversation with one of these people. Well, me and some other friends. He actually said, “You know who I am right? I’m J*** R***.” Yeah douchebag, I know, and I don’t care. That was the point at which I lit a cigarette and walked away before I laughed at him.

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I won’t have enough unless the day comes that someone walks up to me and asks for my autograph.

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I’m more than happy with my status just as it is. I’ve been married to the same man for 42 years, we have 2 great daughters, 3 loving grandkids, we’re retired & are enjoying life. We’ve both worked hard for what we have. As long as my family is all healthy & happy, I’ve attained what I always wanted in life. I have all the status I need right now.

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Honestly? I want fame. I have since I was little. I don’t care about the money, I just want to be a somebody.

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I have a house that’s paid for, I have a truck that’s paid for, I have an income that is pretty much guaranteed unless the US economy and that of Texas both go into total free fall, and I have clothes, a computer, a TV, and several useful appliances.

Any more status and I would have to wear shoes that hurt and go to cocktail parties to talk to people who know me but whom I don’t know. I’ve done that before and it isn’t all that great.

I’m good, thanks.

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I have no need for status or prestige. I don’t even need to consider myself successful. I just want to live and be with the people and things that I love. If I can do that, I’ll be satisfied.

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First and most important, I want to be a good mother and raise good kids. Second, I will admit that I like money. I like my house, I like nice clothes, vacations, cars, going to nice restaurants. The important thing is to me is not to sacrifice my family in the pursuit of money. I am not a mother that is willing to give up taking care of my own children. Would I ever want the “prize” of rising up through a company to become the president who makes a hefty paycheck? Hell no. I don’t care about that kind of popularity. So although I like nice things, I won’t be sad if I can’t have bigger and better. I get to raise my kids, make their dinner, help with homework, show up at school functions.

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I’d like to have a good reputation, but not necessarily fame. I’d also to have more than enough of everything; enough to share.

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It’s not about what others think of me, it’s only about what I think of myself.

Example: I voluntarily went from a well paid, well respected career to one with half the salary and respected only by the people who used my services but generally disrespected by people of “high” status including the people who paid me. I haven’t regretted that decision once in 18 years.

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I don’t need popularity or undue wealth or power to be happy and productive in my life. I have a good marriage, a very stable and honorable career that I can be proud of, and I lead an honest, unassuming, and meaniningful life that I have no regrets about whatsoever.

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The only status I need is my kids want to come over every Sunday for a big family dinner.

Online is a different story. I like to be known as the lady who people want to answer their questions. I have received awards for my Q & A participation and I love it.

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i like having money because you don’t have to worry about financial hassles and i like to live comfortably. but i don’t want to be famous or anything. i just want a good reputation and you shouldn’t have to ‘work’ at that.

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