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Sharp pain on my right side?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) June 2nd, 2009

Im 14yo and very active in my sports. I just stopped running track 2 weeks ago and had no pain. I have a pain under my right Brest and have had it for two days now. When I breath in it feels like a sharp pain digging into my side,when i move fast or cough it also hurts. I’m taking slow breaths now so it doesn’t hurt. I thought it may be a stitch in my side but it feels worse than that. Its a sharp pain under my l right Brest that has been there since yesterday evening, hurts taking a deep breath,and moving suddenly. It does not hurt when touched but I keep yawning. Please help I don’t want a pain in my side like this one!

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Go to the doctors and get a check up is the best way to find out anything. It could be very dangerous or it might be nothing at all, but yeah you should seriously think about going to the doctor.

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If it were lower I’d say it’s your appendix. But since it’s that high no.

Rough guess, maybe you cracked or in some other way hurt one of your ribs.

Basically, you should go see a doctor. At the very least a physical trainer (your school probably has one).

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Pulled a rib muscle.

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I concur with @steve6.

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So it’s in your ribcage (right?), is it more in the front, or on the side? If it’s a sharp pain, and especially if it’s below the ribcage, I’d recommend getting it checked out by a doctor immediately, because it might be an internal injury, which would mean internal bleeding. (Often internal injuries are accompanied by blood in your urine, but the body’s natural filters and the amount that you naturally drink make it difficult to identify blood in the urine without chemical tests).

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