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What does it mean when a guy says "I hear you".

Asked by AnnieOakley (237points) June 2nd, 2009

For instance – I say “I miss your face”, he says “I hear you” – wtf? What does it mean? That he agrees? He acknowledges he has ears? He doesn’t miss me but doesn’t want to be rude?

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they dont really hear you they just say that to get you to stop nagging them.

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it means he knows what you mean.

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It sounds like a brush off. I think of it as the same as “uh-huh, you sure do have those feelings.” But maybe he means it in a different way.

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He is no longer equipped with “Man’s ear” (what most men have when their wives/partners talk to them—with it they hear nothing). ;-)

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Okay. Now shut up.

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Don’t nag me

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He doesn’t care about what you’re saying.

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It’s a dismissive gesture. Much like “mm hm”, “uh huh”, and “yeah sure”.

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Boy I hope the majority of you are wrong. I’m a straightforward person – he could say shut up if that’s what he meant.

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Guys don’t do lovey dovey talk very well sometimes. I know I don’t.

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Ask him what he means. It will be the only way to know for sure.

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What he’s saying is, “I understand what you mean and I miss you, too.”

“I hear you” usually means “I understand what you mean on the surface, as well as what you’re insinuating”.

If I tell a co-worker, “The boss won’t be happy if she sees the place messy.” and he responds “I hear you”, he understands I mean “she won’t be happy” but really he knows I mean, “she’ll yell at us”.

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In my case, it means the ol Belltone is on and functional . . .

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@Kayak8: (“the old Beltone”? Time for an upgrade!)

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@hearkat umm, yep, I think that’s why he doesn’t say,
“I hear you” very often! LOL

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@Kayak8: (Seriously. Today’s hearing aids are phenomenal. Of course I know nothing about the hearing loss in question, but few people can’t be fit with the latest technologies.)

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@hearkat We had a hearing screen at work. I suggested we attend as we both have challenges. He misheard me and asked, “why would I want to hear a herring scream?” Need I say more?

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ok – since we are off subject anyway, I had my child tested for her hearing at a special lab when she was three. It was because she didn’t seem to listen to me like her sister had and I had to look directly at her and get her attention by touching her. She also didn’t seem to pronounce words as well as her sister had. I was sure she was at least partially deaf. Turns out she was fine. They gave me a booklet on “reasonable expectations” of toddlers – LOL

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@Kayak8: Classic!! I hear stories like that from my patients all the time. If you do decide to see an Audiologist to discuss upgrades and have any questions, feel free to contact me.

@AnnieOakley: I have those to give out, too. First children typically develop verbal skills faster, as do girls, so first-born girls are a tough act to follow!

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@hearkat Thanks for that, we both need to see an audiologist. I know I have a significant hearing loss in one ear but still pick up vibrations (mastoid something or other).

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It’s a cliche, just like, “I feel your pain.” It’s a way of saying you understand and empathize. Don’t forget, a lot of men are pretty inarticulate, especially about feelings, so when a cliche comes along that says what they mean, they use it to death.

I mean, why say “I love you” when you can get a Hallmark card to say it for you?

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I have said tha in my life too. It means I agree with you! Think it’s less mushy for a guy to say that! he may have a problem with being very vunerable! Check the whole picture , be sure your not always needing reassurance because that vwould shutdown a deeper emotion, Let him be first today things sometimes that wa you will trust more! Don’t get defensive.
Do step back and ask ypurselfvwhatthis guy means to you and do his actions line up with his words. Women think they can change a guy and thats the last thing any of us want!tint?

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