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What music do you like to blast on the speakers?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) June 2nd, 2009

I like to do that with a lot of triumphant classical music like Mahler, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, and various others. But sometimes I find myself turning up the volume on songs that I wouldn’t think I would. I just blasted the shit out of “The Warrior” by Scandal. (I exaggerate, though—I don’t turn up the volume to the point where it bothers me. Believe me, I can’t stand loud music in cars).

So what songs do you turn up the volume for? What kind of music? For me, it’s mostly classical, but sometimes I’ll do it with other music like feel-good rock and pop music like “The Warrior”, “Accidentally in Love”, and “Upside Down” by the A*Teens.

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My music never normally goes above 10 on my speakers. (Yes that’s very quite)

Edit: Maybe gabber or psy trance.

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Reggae mon!!!

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Queens of the Stone Age and Gershwin’s An American In Paris.

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Rap is the only way to go.

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Old Crow Medicine Show or Jane’s Addiction.

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Jimmy Cliff, Queen, ELO, The Alan Parsons Project, and The Beatles.

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I blast all types of music in both my “playroom” and my van, but I find myself pushing it just a little further for Black Sabbath’s Paranoid , The Killer’s Hot Fuss and anberlin’s latest New Surrender, but there are a whole bunch of individual songs with which I am never bashful e.g. I love the percussion on Robert Plant’s Ship of Fools). See you…wtf
PS: It is aloso mandatory to blast Deep Purple’s Machine Head while driving (I’m a highway star!) and you have to feel the clocks tickin and alarms soundin’ and the cash register clinks on Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and I mean FEEL IT…wtf

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Audioslave or Rage Against The Machine. Not music I listen to all the time, but good for that type of thing.

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You sound like my brother. :)

I hate RATM…haha

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I do it for really epic songs or great classics, such as…
the final countdown by Europe
Don’t stop Believing-Journey
Tainted Love-Soft cell
and of course the techno band Basshunter!

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Funny, I only like those 2 bands because of Tom Morello, the guitarist. He has his own personal style, that is incredibly unique.

But yeah, those are actually a huge break from my usual musical diet. Most music I guess I “blast” on the speakers is actually stuff like The Who, The Beatles, The Clash, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. But I figured I’d throw in a few bands that were different, and good for that type of thing.

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Led Zepplin, The Beatles, and most recently my pandora station for Phantom of the Opera.

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I feel obliged to enter a warning against “blasting” music or anything…
Just today, a patient said to me, “I hate that I’m losing my hearing; it scares me.”

They say you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone. Do yourselves a favor, and turn it down.

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I wish I could tell that to my friends. I remember one time I was in the car with one of my friends and she had the music up so loud to the point that it was giving me a headache and of course, no one was saying anything so I had to tell her to please turn it down (and she did without even saying anything; I should’ve said it earlier).

I also think I might be more sensitive to it, because I can’t get to close at concerts and performances because it really bothers me. My brother was in a band and they performed at a battle of the bands and there were people sitting in the front the whole time. I sat there for one song and I had to basically cover my ears the whole time and then I decided to move somewhere else. I don’t get it, personally.

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@Dansedescygnes: I am also amazed and disappointed at how loud our society has become accustomed to having things. A heavy metal concert is one thing, but a wedding? Or in a fitness class? A Zumba instructor recently said that her family complained that she’s deaf and I could understand why. It was the first time taking her class, so I didn’t feel right approaching her.

I was at a restaurant recently, waiting in the bar for our table, and they had a 3-piece band there—just acoustic guitars, playing mellow tunes, but they were amped and had it way too high! I don’t go anywhere without my Musician’s Earplugs. They tune down the music just enough, and it sounds clear, and I can actually hear conversations better with them in.

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I just did some pretty loud Vivaldi’s Glorias!

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Dirty Music: REVCO, TKK, QOTSA…

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major lurve for blasting the a*teens!
i blast my favourite songs. i embarrass my own mother, because when a song i like comes on in the car, i will turn the volume up regardless of whether it’s a “blasting song” (as she likes to call it), or if it’s something like cat stevens or the a*teens or my chemical romance (i.e. ‘embarrassing music’). what-ever, mom.

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Last time I did that (back in the 80s) it was Stars on 45!

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Every once in a while, if the right people are in the car, Spice Girls. I’m so embarrassed.

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I listened to a few scenes from Das Rheingold last night. Those really need to be turned up to 11.

(The best part of Wagner on CD is that you can skip right to the good parts.)

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I love stuff that builds up – Pearl Jam, Revis, even Pat Metheny Group (check out The Way Up) and Nina Simone. As long as the high volume makes for more interesting dynamics, I play it loud!

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@abhimanyu lurve for Nina Simone!

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Steady groove or straight from the heart vocals and lyrics are always nice.
Or i just go to era collections like 90s, 80s, or greatest hits by an artist.

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Just about all my tunes if i could, but definately “Who’s Next” and Houses of the Holy, Zep

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At the moment its Handel’s Messiah

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