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What is a Fluther, I am new?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 2nd, 2009
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It’s a dream come true?

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What isn’t Fluther? Should be a better question : )

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Welcome to Fluther @Mr_Callahan

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Fluther is my boyfriend.

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fluther is my hot hot sex.

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Fluther is where I’d like you to touch.

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Fluther is Jack’s smirking revenge.
Fluther is Jack’s cold sweat.
Fluther is Jack’s raging bile duct.
Fluther is Jack’s colon.
Fluther is Jack’s complete lack of surprise
Fluther is Jack’s wasted life.
Fluther is Jack’s inflamed sense of rejection.
Fluther is Jack’s broken heart.

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The reason I started drinking so much.

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@eambos i am jack’s complete lack of surprise.

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@asmonet really? How come he’s always next to me in bed, eating in the dining room and watching t.v. with me? And how come I have an engaged ring on my hand from him? Weird…he never leaves my sight? Can you please explain that to me?...

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@cyndihugs sounds like we need fluther maury povitch up in this piece.

“Fluther…you are….NOT the father of asmo’s baby!”

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Whose side do the tentacles come from?

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@eponymoushipster No! Fluther can tell Asmonet that he’s(Fluther) taken and that she’s(asmonet) been smoking and drinking too much to be imagining things….oh did i forgot to tell you that I’m pregnant….Fluther’s the Dad! Does that meen that bendrew are the grandparents?
I lurve that show… :)

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Fluther is the wad of foam rubber I keep in my pants.

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I will so walk out on stage and grab that ho by her two dollar weave.

Dr. J is my man.

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And @eponymoushipster is correct. The tentacles are most definitely mine.

We’re frickin’ soul mates.

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@asmonet the fact that that is you inside is so full of win.

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:D :D :D

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Fluther > Marijuana

It’s that good.

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Fluther is my bruther from an outher muther.

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@petethepothead that’s something coming from you!

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Welcome, @Mr_Callahan. How are you doing on getting it? Should we help some more?

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Fluther is you, @Mr_Callahan! And me! And everybody in the whole wide Fluther world! Welcome!

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Welcome to the best site on the web. Browse around, answer some questions, ask a couple if you like. Jump in, the water’s fine!

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Welcome to Fluther Mr_Callahan! We’re one big dysfunctional happy family with a few crazy uncles thrown in. :D

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@asmonet Look at what epony said about you….Fluther…you are….NOT the father of asmo’s baby!” which makes you a ho…? [heartbreak] (OUCH) If that’s you inside that jellyfish [laughs]....he would definitely pick me! sorry
You are the weakest link…Bye-Bye!!!

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@Mr_Callahan Welcome to Fluther! :))

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” swell, you’ve made my day ”.

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