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How can I reduce the cost of my phone bill while I'm in the US for 4 days?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6762points) June 2nd, 2009

I have an iPhone with Rogers (Canadian carrier) and I’m going to Orlando on thursday for 4 days. I am a new subscriber, and I get everything free until the 4th of June, which is the day I leave, go figure. How can I reduce my long distance bill. I know that if I call an Orlando number when I’m in Orlando, it counts towards my regular minutes and isn’t charged extra, but I might call home, which would cost extra. I definitely plan on using my data plan, which is 1GB. I don’t wanna get a new plan. I have a phone that has an American SIM and would be cheaper, but I have my life in my iPhone, and it would be weird to carry 2 phones while I’m at Universal Studios.

Does anyone have a good solution to this?

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Turn it off or get a go phone.

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don’t go to orlando? seriously. Florida is america’s wang, and Orlando is right on the side of it.

if you must, i’ve rented phones in the past. there are several sites online for this. of course, depends on how much you want to pay, etc. you might just have to turn off the antenna on your iphone for the duration, and use a regular old phone. see if, at the very least, you can get rogers to forward your phone calls to another number for that period.

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I used to rent an American phone, and now I bought one I mentioned it above. Forwarding calls? I’ll look into that tomorrow, but I bet it costs a ton of money. Or maybe there’s an iPhone App for that. But would it charge me for an incoming and and outgoing too?

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@Mtl_zack yeah sorry i forgot about the other phone. i dunno about the cost of forwarding – it may be a flat rate, it may be per call – but it most likely is going to work from within Rogers, rather than the iPhone itself.

if push comes to shove, turn off the antenna, and just check your voice mail from your US phone every so often.

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Four days, go incommunicado. Check your voicemail once a day, have people call the landline at the hotel room in the morning or at night, or e-mail you.

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Leave your phone at home….........duh!

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@eponymoushipster orlando is fun, shut up.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m on vaca, I don’t really use my phone. Unless someone calls me (which they shouldn’t, unless it’s an emergency) I just don’t use it. Can you try that?

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@casheroo bah! i lived there.

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Do you have a phone that you can install Skype Mobile on?

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To reduce your phone bill you can try enabling a phone code lock for national or international calls. Also you can check with your local carrier if they have a cheaper plan. Try unsubscribing from phone features that aren’t really essential, i.e, caller ID, call screening, voicemail, etc. Or, you can switch with another service provider without losing your number using local number portability.

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