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So people can make out on them as usual :)
I think it’s for in case of an emergency and you have to get out fast

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If you are riding on a public bus, you might not mind if it crashed and you died. At least your bus experience would be over.

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They are very large and therefore are unlikely to abruptly stop in an accident.

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@Ivan oh yeah, I forgot about that that’s probably it but what if it crashed against a wall? wouldn’t it stop abruptly?

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Depending on what sort of wall it is, the bus might just break through it.

I’m not saying it’s a legitimate reason, but that’s the traditional reason.

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asmonet told me why in another question about using seatbelts in cars. I would link to it but I don’t know how. So just check back to see the other seatbelt question and you will be illuminated.

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Because vehicles over a certain size aren’t required to have seat belts.

In the specific case of school buses, many of them do now. And in the ones that don’t, their design has been deemed ‘safe enough’ by the government.

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@MacBean have you ever seen that video that shows that government testing on car crashes isn’t really effective? just wondering

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@applesaucemanny No, but I believe it. I don’t think much to do with the government is really effective. I wasn’t saying I agree with the bus belt regulations. I was just saying they exist.

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In the UK, public buses that travel long distances (e.g. Cambridge to London) have seat belts, and passengers are required by law to wear them at all times. However, buses that travel within the city do not have seat belts. It is such an odd dichotomy. Perhaps it is so that you can more easily and stealthily move away from the creepy person on the bus?

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which part of jeff goldblum’s private facilities do you represent?

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@SeventhSense I had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose that information. If Mr. Goldblum finds out I broke that, he’ll punish me by making me watch all his movies.

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i’m just taking a guess, but buses are so large and you’re not right in front of a windshield – unless of course you’re in the front row or 2 – so it’s unlikely that you’ll get that injured in the case that the bus does get into a severe accident. then again…i’m really not sure how valid that assumption is. haha.

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i hope it’s the sink..~_~

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@rooeytoo: Here is the discussion you were referring to.

And if you want to link something, there are some words right under the box for typing answers that has some info on linking, changing text, etc. :)

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