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What does crazy mean to you?

Asked by wundayatta (58604points) June 2nd, 2009

There’s the way the psychiatrists define it, and then there’s how we use the term in daily life. What kind of behavior have you run into in your life that you would call crazy? Is crazy scary? Is crazy violent? Is it just a term of admiration for something really daring or goofball?

What does crazy mean, in your mind?

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Crazy has a lot of different meanings.

If someone does something incredibly stupid, that they knew better than to have done, that is crazy.

If someone is a total goofball (like my daughter apparently is with her friends) that can be crazy.

However, the most important use of the term crazy for me is when my son is seeing people who aren’t there for anyone else and they are telling him to kill himself or someone else. That is very crazy, a risk to self or others, and both scary and heartbreakingly sad at the same time.

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@DarkScribe Why is that guy crazy? Please don’t make me try to read your mind (unless you send me a Kimble to read it with).

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@DarkScribe are you crazy? that’s not crazy
sorry for ruining the chain of members that start with a d

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Crazy is not a politically correct term for psychological conditions any more, so I don’t tend to think of it in that context. To me, crazy means out of the ordinary, like little quirky traits that are unique to a person, and makes them unique. Crazy also means unpredictable and somewhat frightening, or something that is not based on rational thought like many council rules. It can be many things, and must be judged from context.

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@daloon @applesaucemanny

You don’t think that parking your car in your bedroom is crazy?


I drive past this guy once or twice a week, have done for more than twenty years. Believe me, he is crazy.

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@DarkScribe – I don’t think thats crazy just stupid not crazy

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Crazy is ranting and shoving shite around the house at all hours because crazy has to go two months without smoking weed in order to pass a test to get a damned job.

Crazy is throwing drinking glasses into the sink to show being fed up with people who don’t wash dishes and continue to pile them on top of one another.

Crazy is going off Lithium without telling anyone and running out into the boulevard, naked.

Crazy is throwing itself against sliding glass windows and solid wooden doors because no one will let crazy inside the house to declare it’s love for un crazy and also because crazy probably is wielding a weapon.

stuff like that

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Ok, how about this my favourite pub

It really is, I have lunch there several time per week. It is a tad crazed.

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@Tink1113 _I don’t think thats crazy just stupid not crazy

For some of us, that sort of thing is exactly what we regard as crazy. Offbeat. Weird. Makes you look twice.

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@DarkScribe There’s a theme here. Apparently crazy is the random placement of automocars.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities There’s a theme here. Apparently crazy is the random placement of automocars.

Yes, we live in a vehicle oriented society. I am a victim.

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Lifting from @Darwin‘s answer:

Crazy is “a risk to self or others, and both scary and heartbreakingly sad at the same time”. I don’t consider most people with mental disorders to be crazy.

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@DarkScribe Also, that pub looks fantastic. I’d drink there all the time.

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I have never regarded “crazy” as a clinical condition. It has always meant something strange. As in the sixties expression “that’s crazy man”.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities It is one of two that are based on an old Australian cartoon pub. The food is damned good, far better than usual tavern fare and they sell Guinness on tap.

Edit: I have just been told that there are now four of them. Whodathunkit.

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crazy is insane.

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I agree with @DarkScribe “Offbeat, weird. Makes you look twice.” I have a neighbor like that but instead of cars it’s bowling balls. He has at least 100 balls and pins in his front yard.

Do I really think he is “crazy”? No. He’s just “silly” crazy.

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@DarkScribe There are a few more pubs exactly like that scattered around Australia. There is one near Albury in southern NSW, and one somewhere in Sydney (I can’t remember exactly where).

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@FireMadeFlesh Yes, I am familiar with the original Ken Maynard one, the one near me (Sunshine Coast) and the one down near Albury. I haven’t seen the others.

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crazy is the future, in a world of the past.

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casually, i refer to things that are just ridiculous to me as crazy.
but when i really truly believe something is crazy, i pretty much adhere to the psychological standards – maladaptive, abnormal, etc.

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This is another Crazy response ;)

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@DarkScribe Damn! Won’t work on the iPod. Crazy! ;) I’ll have to check it out on the laptop in the morning. Being the great parent that I am, I’m letting my son use the laptop at 1am since it’s his 15th birthday.

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@jonsblond – You can open it from yahoo I do that

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Someone who does not think or act logically

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Patsy Cline comes to mind…

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@DarkScribe Those places look normal. Perhaps you are crazy, and imagining these places being weird.

@daloon I think of crazy as being either wreckless, infirm, or very funny. I am glad you didn’t ask for all the definitions of Shit.

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@DarkScribe that guy with the cars is just eccentric . Probably a bit OCD as well.

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@Daloon, crazy has many different meanings, anymore it is an exclamation of surprise. Like when someone in a car thinks he can pull out in front of a semi because he thinks he can outrun it. Crazy is running the train warning arms and lights with your car, when the train is coming at a high rate of speed. Crazy is that sumbitch I turned in yesterday for driving 40 mph through a school zone when there are school children out and about everywhere.

Crazy is my wife and I driving down a rural road, waving maniacally at every car coming the other way.

Crazy is a very generic term, and covers the bases of all sorts of unusual behavior. It really has nothing to do with serious mental instability, in my opinion. (That would be what I use the word insane for).

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@loser And, Gnarls, too..

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@augustlan – Normally my son is not crazy, even though he has a mental illness. His medications and redirection keep him on track. However, when he starts talking to “Josh,” a small boy invisible and inaudible to everyone else and who advocates violence, he is crazy and needs to go to the hospital.

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I think there are different types of crazy. You can be crazy in love, crazy over your favorite sports team, crazy about a certain type of music. The list goes on and on.

We all are passionate about certain things which is quite normal but there is another type of crazy the Charles Manson Helter Skelter kind of crazy this type of crazy gives regular crazy a bad name.

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Crazy is my dog chasing his tail and me enjoying the hell out of it.

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I’m not sure where I heard this the first time, but it makes perfect sense to me: crazy is doing the same things over and over and expecting different results.

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@Darwin No, no! I was actually agreeing with your definition! I see now that that wasn’t terribly clear. I was just saying I don’t think most people w/ mental illness qualify.

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great question
(w/mental illness-personal reference only)
going to see three different psychiatrists a week, taking 20–30 prescribed pills a week, doing “mental health” exercises every night, doing “social” exercises, and so on…....
Doing all this to be/appear “Normal”
NOT to say that getting treatment for whatever illness you suffer from is a bad thing

(wo/mental illness)
all holiday shopping, people who think they can do multiple things wile driving (eating,reading,putting on makeup, texting,talking on cell phone) , people that do the same job for 20 plus years, people that will do anything for money, people who always need to pay with exact change, hardcore sports fans, and a million other things.

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@tyrantxseries Long time no see! How’s the treatment coming along?

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