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Does Melba Toast expire?

Asked by augustlan (47689points) June 2nd, 2009

I have a box of Melba Toast from Old London Foods, and as far as I can see there is no expiration date on the box. I’ve had it for at least 5 months. Is it ok to eat? I tried to find the answer on their website, but no luck.

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Everything eventually expires. Even God is no longer to be found. It it tastes ok, then don’t worry – it is only carbohydrates. Very old, stale carbohydrates.

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If it isn’t moldy and tastes ok, I bet it’s fine. Probably kinda stale after 5 months. I doubt melba toast could go moldy, so bet you’re fine

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Yes. It will get stale after a time.

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it’s probably ok to eat, but don’t oreos sound more appealing?

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@mcbealer – I lurve your style!

I’m thinking it will be past it’s prime, maybe a bit stale, but probably okay.

Lan…do I need to come and clean out your pantry?

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@mcbealer Oh my god, yes. I wish I had some! I’m afraid Twizzlers are the best I can do at the moment.

@cak Psh… the pantry’s nothing. I need you to come clean out the whole house! ;)

Ok, so I opened one of the plastic wrapped packs, and… it looks funny. Probably just my imagination, but I’m not going to eat them. Into the trash they go. Thanks for all the input!

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to my knowledge the only thing that does not expire is carbonated mineral water.

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Is there actually a DIFFERENCE in taste between a STALE melba toast and a fresh one? Do they actually HAVE a taste?

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@SirBailey Not much, I admit.

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@lan – according to my husband, you can have me to clean, anytime. He thinks my desire to clean goes way past normal. Of course, he is very wrong.

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Melba toast always tastes old and crusty. If there is no mold on it it’s probably OK, but it probably tastes as nasty as the day you bought it.

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@augustlan ~ that settles it, guess what I’m carting to our next Fluther meet-up ??
Oreos® of course! you’ll have to let me know your fave kind

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@mcbealer I’m a plain old Oreos girl. No double stuffed or mint foolishness for me! Though the Golden Oreos are darn good, too.

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@mcbealer & @lan an oreo purist, here. Can I join you guys?

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@cak Of course! The more the merrier. :D

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@cak ~ you are most welcome to join our little Oreo® shindig!!
my fave are the chocolate creme ones

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I really need to broaden my horizons. I haven’t tried the different choices!

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@cak ~ word to the wise, stay away from the strawberry ones, blech!

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@mcbealer Thanks for the tip. That doesn’t even sound right…ick!

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