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Have you ever said a pun unintentionally?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1770points) June 2nd, 2009

what just happened to me:
I was getting some mountain dew from a 2 liter bottle and serving it to my cup and then when it was served I tried putting the cap back on but I always messed up and said “aww screw this” and realized that I was screwing the cap to begin with
has this ever happened to you?

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always! and then i feel really lame and cheesy after, but i love puns, especially when they were unintended. i make a lot of references to songs too, without meaning to. i feel lame when i do it while talking about the band who sings the song…

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usually it’s unintentional and someone will adress me about it, even more often i rime things without even noticing

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Hehe…[blushes] Perhaps I am the Pun Queen….

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I’d love to hear examples. They’re fun. Pray tell.

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My boyfriend and I were baking a pie, and we had no round pie tins, so we made it in a rectangular one. Talking about it later, my boyfriend said “we’re pioneers!”

get it? get it?

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haha I just love it when people unintentionally make puns, I love puns… I like to say they’re…. punny!

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