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What could be the cause of upper back pain and shortness of breath when walking?

Asked by Facade (22902points) June 2nd, 2009

If I’m walking for more than a minute or two, my upper back starts hurting between my should blades. I also lose breath easily with any type of exercise.

What could be causing this?

Good Lord I would love to just be healthy

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Do you have strong core muscles? I know when I haven’t worked out for a while I get upper back pain too.

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Your avatar suggests that you are young, and I assume, previously healthy? Perhaps you might be out of shape? However, if this is a new problem, and you consider yourself to be in decent shape, then there are other possibilities. First, it could be cramping of those muscles and a rib splint. Second, it could be a manifestation of asthma (exercise induced). You don’t need to wheeze to have asthma. Third, you might have developed so-called walking pneumonia. Fourth, there are a variety of medical conditions that lead to pleurisy, or irritation of the lining of the lung, which could result in pain and shortness of breath. Fifth, there are a lot of other causes :-) Perhaps a visit to your local doctor is in order?

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I was thinking exercise induced asthma, as well. I’ve had it all my life, and it feels pretty much like you’re describing. Listen to @shilolo and get it checked out.

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It sounds like asthma to me, but it could also be emphysema, which my brother has, or a tumor on your lungs. Why you don’t just ask you doctor and find out for sure. Ignorance is not bliss in a case like this. I am not a medical professional and these suggestions are merely conjecture.

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@jonsblond They aren’t as strong as they used to be, but yes, they’re pretty strong.

@shilolo and @augustlan and @YARNLADY I hadn’t even considered asthma. Interesting.

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@Facade You’d be surprised how common asthma is, and how often it isn’t diagnosed because people assume you have to wheeze to be asthmatic. There are many variations of asthma that don’t have classic wheezing. Asthma is more common in African-Americans for a variety of reasons (just going by your avatar), and so it is a legitimate possibility, especially if there is a history of asthma or atopic illnesses (like allergies or eczema) in your family.

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@shilolo I’m pretty sure my mother has breathing problems (among other issues). I’ll be sure to ask my doctor about it during my next visit.

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