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Does anyone know about Natural Birthing Techniques? I would like to explore the different ways of giving birth?

Asked by glassriver (8points) June 2nd, 2009

Pregnant and looking to use Natural Birthing

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Is that when you push it out?

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you can do it in the classical way and give birth whily lying flat on your back.
you could also do it sitting in a special birthing chair.
or you could do it while swimming in water.

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The most relaxing natural birth method is supposedly giving birth in a large, warm bathtub. Never had children myself, but this is what others have told me.

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Talk to your obstetrician about options in your area, such as what hospitals and birthing centers have to offer, and whether or not they do home deliveries. A lot depends on how your pregnancy unfolds.

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Found a great blog with excellent info on natural birthing, positions and techniques – awesome!

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When I was pregnant, I went out and bought all the books on different birthing methods and resarched every possible detail. In ernest, I went to my doctor armed wtih this information and sincerely asked him which was the best method out of about six that I had narrowed it down to.
My doctor took in all the information I offered then replied, “I’ve been delivering babies for forty years and as far as I know, there are only two methods for delivery…..vaginal and cesarian. I prefer vaginal.”
I threw away my books and had a natrual, vaginal birthing experience.

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I have quite a few friends who used Hypno birthing and said it worked extremely well. I’m thinking of using it for the next.
A birthing ball is crucial, so is positioning.
See if you have a birthing center in your area. They have classes you can take on natural birth, they will be more knowledgable than an OB.
Good luck!

oh, and try great groups for support.

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Awesome answers from all thank you very much.
Has anyone had a look at this ebook? The founders of some natural birthing techniques have been interviewed and put into a series you can download, including Marie Mongan, author of hypnobirthing and Barbara Haper, founder of waterbirthing – pretty amazing women
Thanks again for your answers, i am in a good space to make decisions about my body and baby

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Before you head down this path, you might want to give serious consideration to what your personal threshold for pain is. Mine is extremely high, and I did most of labor without anesthesia, but when it came to the end, and it felt like I was holding a 20 lb. bowling ball between my thighs.

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