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What would the earth be like if humans never existed?

Asked by Kenyan (295points) June 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

What is our point on earth? Just thought that many of you would like to debate this subject

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If by human you mean homo sapiens sapiens, then the world would likely be dominated by one of the more primitive species of the homo genus, like the Neanderthaler.
In that case the current situation would be hard to predict. I would bet on a preindustrial civilisation, like ancient greece or rome.

If you mean any member of the homo genus, then most likely the world would still be covered by lush forests.

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If there were no homo sapiens… there would be no computers… so, no internet… which would mean—-tries to imagine world without internet… HEAD IMPLOSION!—-

Hehe couldn’t help it. Hmm I think environmentally the earth would be better off.

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We don’t really have a point. We are just one species of animal whose special talent is our big brain. If we had not evolved to where we are now, the Earth would continue being just as the way it was circa oh -12,000BC, lots of flora and fauna. Another one of the sapiens would have likely become the next dominators, who knows, perhaps given more time to evolve, they too could have developed larger brains and gradually become self aware.

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Peaceful, greener , better.

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