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Is an old bottle of Bordeaux wine drinkable?

Asked by victord66 (201points) December 26th, 2007

Would a bottle of a war year bordeaux still be drinkable or long past its prime? I would like some first hand experience here, thanks.

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Proper storage is the issue. What grape varities? Give us more information.

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Sorry if I didn’t expand more but I was thinking along the lines of a first growth cabernet which is the principal grape of Bordeaux. Prices of these wines are in the stratosphere and would like to know if they are worth it. We have a restaurant here in Toronto which has several on their wine list and a waiter of dubious motives who keeps trying to push them, all the while describing them as “a fine old English gentleman walking off into the distance”. A rather weird description of wine I think, but in any event, one which would certainly indicate that they are past it.

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It will almost certainly be past its prime. If not, it would have been almost unbelievably tannic and undrinkable for decades.

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