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How do you know if you are in love with someone?

Asked by Catalina_Lovely (8points) June 3rd, 2009

I know this is a very fairytail question but I want to know what you think…I know everyone loves in different ways but how can you tell if it is real or not? do you ever really know if you are? or are you always going to be left clueless? I guess Iam asking what is true love?

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(—Fairies don’t have tails. You mean “fairy tale.”)

True love is different from the feelings of lust and desire and obessiveness.

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You find yourself asking questions about love on the Internet.

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Only time will tell. “True” usually means it sticks around and doesn’t flame up then burn out. Infatuation is hot and heavy, then burns out quickly. “True” love stays warm even when the flames die down. “TRUE” love seeks out new fuel even when it appears that the fire is dieing out. “True” love takes time, hard work, hope, and belief, even when it’s not easy and even when passion dims. It is so worth it.

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I would say that you have a good feeling about the person. You enjoy being around them and they make you happy. When you are away from this person you think of them often. You want to spend as much time with them as possible. This is how it is at first but it takes more than love to keep a relationship healthy. It is a give and take situation.

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Love is highly overrated

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How about this test

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I think that you can tell if your sgnificant other accepts you for who you are.. by not pressuring you with questions or trying to change you. If that person trusts you like you trust ‘em, then that’s how you’ll know. being comfortable, not being embarassed with each other, Best Friend stuff—that is probably true love.

No experience with Real, True Love.. but that’s what I beleive in and hope to,one day, have.. A Best Friend/Boyfriend/husband-father material. lol.

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I think the ends of your shoes curl up….its been so long I forgot.

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Contentedness and inspiration in each others company, that mutual feeling of, ”...I can see me loving nobody but you for all my life…”

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When you share with them all the reasons you can think of why they shouldn’t be with you and they are still there the next day.

When you happily make plans together for the next year or the next ten years instead of the next day or the next weekend.

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You never know for sure, but it’s always obvious. Love is like that. It is so many different things, and you never know if what you feel is what others feel when they say they are in love. At the same time, you feel what you feel, and if it overwhelms you, then no matter that other people will say it’s just lust or a crush, it’s still love. It still quickens your heart. It still makes you shake. It still makes you obsess about that person. It still makes every moment away from them a bit of an agony.

Doesn’t matter how long it lasts. It’s still being in love. To turn it into love, and long lasting love is a fancy trick, and that can be very difficult for some people. In love tends to last long enough to get the woman pregnant. Bringing up the kids takes love.

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Love is your own interpretation..but it is loyal..permanent and constant..sometimes it comes with pain but true love will stick it is in my opinion the strongest emotion and the most necessary

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-Can’t stop thinking of that person (only that one person)
-wanting to see that person more each day
-wanting to BE with that person and ONLY that person

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