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Why can't I see certain people on Facebook?

Asked by kfingerman (992points) June 3rd, 2009

I am trying to find a certain couple of friends and they won’t come up. I know they’re on FB, I search in the friend lists of people I know they’re FB friends with and for some reason they’re not there. These are not people who would have “blocked” me. Any ideas? Some sort of setting? Some glitch?

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Maybe they’re using names other than their real ones.

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OK, just found them…but their names are in grey/black instead of blue links. I’d think this was a block of some sort, but really, that’s not the situation (at least not intentionally). I also see that there are some people who I don’t have any connection to whatsoever are in the same grey/black…is FB randomly blacklisting some people for me?

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because facebook sucks…...?

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I know what you’re talking about. This same thing happened to me. I was looking for my friend, and we both couldn’t find each other. We were talking on the phone, and none of our settings were set so we couldn’t search for the other, but we still couldn’t find eachother. Eventually, she found me via some other friend, but it was weird.

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Has anyone noticed the new Facebook feature, you can click on people’s names that have private profiles, it shows their profile picture bigger, and that’s about it. I don’t like it, it’s hard to see which network they’re in now

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Black text instead of blue links may mean that they have their privacy settings set very tightly. This is true for myself. In this case, people must message me so that I can add them to my list and thus let them see my profile and its contents.

Facebook is not intentionally blocking people from you, why would they do this? Those people have chosen to restrict their privacy levels, and Facebook is complying, that’s all.

Edit: Of course, they change their site so often I have no clue if this is still valid or not. I see that they’ve generally modified it such that the above may not be true anymore.

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The search visibility settings are controlled here:
If you have that setting to ‘nobody’ or ‘only friends’ or something else other than Everybody, then some people will not see you come up in a search at all, even if they know your exact name, email, or whatever else.

And other privacy settings are here: If you set the Profile to something less than ‘Everybody’, some people will get the black non-link text on a search result. You can enable specific people to become see your basic profile information either by submitting a friend request or by sending them a private message.

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@casheroo That’s exactly the way it should be. You shouldn’t be able to see what networks I’m in unless I’ve decided to let you see that information.

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@MrItty You can change the privacy setting so it doesn’t show your networks. What I’m saying is, the new feature shows the networks, but it’s really tiny and hard to locate with the new feature. And everyone’s name is blue, like they have non-private profiles even if they have private profiles, so you can click on them.

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@casheroo I guess I’m either not understanding or haven’t run into this ‘feature’. You’re saying you click a private profile, and it’s somehow possible, but difficult, to see their networks?

Here’s a random one I clicked on: It shows her picture, her friends, and her networks. Is this what you’re talking about, or something else entirely?

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@MrItty Yes, that’s what I’m talking about. That feature is new (well, I just noticed it recently…) Usually, if you have a private profile (like I do) the name cannot be clicked on, at all when in list form. Now, you can click on it, and get that. I don’t like it, personally.
Also, I was just saying I had trouble locating the network section myself.

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@casheroo I understand now. The way it used to be, it just popped up a small box with this basic info, rather than loading into a whole page with the info spread out. Gotcha. Apologies for my confusion.

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how about this: I’m looking for a certain person in the general search and i find them but when i searched them via my friend’s friend list I can’t, and when they write on their wall i can’t see their picture nor name and I can’t click on it, is it that you can hide friends from certain people ?

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I am having trouble adding certion friends to my page why?

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my friend can not see my wall, when she clicks on my profile my picture comes up for about 4 seconds then disappears,she is my partner and it won’t lest me add her in my relationships.Started about 3 days ago.she is on my friends list, I have no trouble getting her profile. I have checked with all face-book friends, My friend is the only one having this issue. I do not have her blocked in anyway. all my privacy setting are set on friends only and we can see each other as friends. Any help would be appreciated.

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