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Why do old men wear their pants so high?

Asked by MarkAddison (57points) June 3rd, 2009

I don’t mean to stereotype or anything…but I do see the high pants look quite a bit among the male senior citizens. Why do they do it?

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So many of them have no asses to hold their pants up, so they need them held up by their guts instead.

Maybe this should be an area of scientific study, because you know the younger generation you see the pants being worn lower and lower, sometimes UNDERNEATH the ass cheeks…ever see Lil Wayne, it’s like, why bother wearing pants at ALL? I think maybe pants just tend to creep up as people get older, maybe there’s a calculus formula that could factor in one’s age and pants size to determine where exactly the waist band of the pants should be worn for optimal wearing?

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@dalepetrie is exactly right. hence, suspenders!

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I really think it just has to do with what style of pant they wore when they were young men. Take a look at some of these images from Esquire. Some of the pants are hard to see, but in general they have higher waistlines in the 20s and 30s (especially visible in the 4th pic).

Does this mean that in the year 2050 all us old ladies will be wearing ultra low rise pants? God, I hope not.

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They don’t it’s just young people wear them too low. Saggers

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@Les you’re damn right i will wear low rise jeans as an old woman. and you’ll be able to see my tramp stamp AND wrinkles. just like my grandma, except she lets her belly button ring show too tho. lol. i keep mine hidden.

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The other thing to consider is that osteoporosis strikes men just as it does women. A combination of that plus the inevitable flattening of the spinal disks means the top half of an older person’s body gets shorter compared to their legs. Thus, an old man may actually be wearing his pants at his waist as he did when he is young, but there is less body above the waist, making it looks as though he is wearing his pants higher than he used to.

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Cause they no gotty much Kool-o to holdem up.

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@Clair – tramp stamp, eh? Hadn’t heard that one before. Aren’t you going to invest in some Turlington’s?

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@dalepetrie HA! never seen that one. technically it is a tramp stamp but it most certainly does not say juicy. it’s an oak tree. might not get old so fast.

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It’s only a tramp stamp if you let too many guys climb your oak tree…..

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well that does give me wood…

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Old men are rebelling against the fashion that will lead to Ankle Pants. Old men’s Belly Pants will lead to Face Pants as the fashion war continues.

Face Pants will have the belt around the forehead like a headband. The fly will remain open & the Old Men will look at you through the fly.

This new Face Pants fashion will lead to many arrests of Old Men who have big noses.

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My pants are high up to hold all that gerth in place.

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There are usually only two choices:

1. Wear the pants below the belly paunch/flap/barrel/blob but if the belly is too low then the pants fall down really quickly, belt or no belt.

2. Wear the pants on top of the belly and the pants have further to travel downwards.

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no hips, not butt. lots of gut.

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I think it’s a combo of the noassatall syndrome and the style from when they were young. They’re probably wondering why all these young ruffians wear their damn pants so low!~

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Because that’s how they wore them in their times….

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opposite ends of the spectrum i guess. the older men have their pants up to their chests, and the younger men have their pants falling around their ankles…

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The waist migrates up the abdomen as one ages.

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