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Why is Disney the happiest place on Earth?

Asked by gooch (5719points) June 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I am at Disney World and everyone is so happy.

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Good PR and excellent job training. Plus you get fired if you aren’t.

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It is a fantasy world and a wonderful place to escape the problems of everyday life. Have fun while you’re there and forget about all your problems!

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Because nothing makes Mickey happier than someone shelling out $20 for a cheeseburger.

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I would argue that it isn’t. I think the Swiss are supposed to be the happiest people on Earth?

I know that I certainly wouldn’t be happy at Disney anything.

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Because Mickey rules with an iron fist. Everybody better be happy or else.

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Because the people who go there are people who want to go there. The employees are required to be cheerful, and all the visitors are away from their worries and stresses.

I have been to Disney World and Disneyland. They’re both entertaining in small doses, but it’s too artificial and plastic for me to really enjoy it for long. Also, small children make me homicidal.

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I think that people feel they should be happy, because as you said, “Disney is the happiest place on earth.” Then by faking it, they convince themselves that they are happy, and then they actually are.

Does that make any sense?

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I’m going to Disneyland in 12 days!!!

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@Allie i weep for our future.

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Their employees don’t think it’s so happy of a place.

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Because everyone is smoking the Goofy weed.

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i give up… why?
is it because the visitors there
regress, all too easily, into an infantile mental state
gurgling and dribbling merrily
at all the flashing, spinning, whirling things?

i know a song about micky mouse…it goes like this

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I love it, we love it, my kids (14 & 12) still love it. It’s suspended reality. It’s fun, it’s rides, it’s crazy food, it’s beautiful scenery, it’s clean and has very nice employees. The average Disney employee stays for many years…and not because they’re faking it. Of course there will be some employees that are unhappy; there are unhappy people everywhere – just look around Fluther.

Of course, if you’re a curmudgeon and dismiss all that is fantasy like and silly, you won’t like it. Of course, if you don’t like children, you won’t like it. And goodness, if you think all wealthy people are inherently evil and out to control all the less fortunate, you’ll hate it because Walt had some bucks and Disney is not cheap! But, if you can relax, be silly and enjoy yourself, it’s a great time.

@Allie: Have fun in Disneyland!

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I’ve never been to either, but then again, I don’t have kids. It’s not a place that it would ever occur to me to go to by myself or with my friends. It looks too overwhelming. The hokey-ness I could get at Six Flags is about all I can handle in a day.

$20 cheeseburgers??? Only Peter Luger’s is allowed to get away with selling $20+ cheeseburgers!

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@aprilsimnel the mouse can do whatever the mouse wants on the mouse’s property. hold on to your kids!

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities ; I’m not a regular southpark watcher, but that made me want to laugh and barf at the same time.

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I love Disneyland. When I retire, I might just buy a season pass and sit in Main Street or New Orleans Square all day. It is my happy place.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Where did you hear that? According to all the statistics I have read, there a fewer disgruntled workers at Disneyland that most other similar businesses. Many of the workers are second and even third generation from the original employees. There are always thousands of applicants for every job opening.

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@filmfann ; That’s kind of what I do. I’m there a couple of times a month anyway.

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@YARNLADY The magic goes away quickly when you see the place every day and understand how everything works. Then it’s just work.

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@YARNLADY ; I hope you’re right. I had an interview and they said I am on the list to be called to work attractions. waiting patiently.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Maybe for you it works that way. I know people who actually pay for the right to be there every day, by buying a year’s pass. So far I only have your word for this, what evidence are you basing your assertion on?

Edit: I have been on the back lot tours and seen how everything works, and that didn’t ruin anything for me. I’ve worked and performed in the entertainment industry (many long years ago) and nothing I’ve seen takes away from my enjoyment.

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Ease down. It’s anecdotal.

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I know several people who have worked at Disney World. Most of them adored it. One hated it because you have to behave yourself.

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@Darwin That’s been my experience as well. I am acquainted with many former employees, and I’ve never heard a single one of them complain. They mostly wish they could have continued to work there, if not for families and moving away, and such.

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I always just figured that it is because Walt said so.

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@SuperMouse Or at least his astute advertising firm.

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By the way I am at Disney World in Florida. It’s better here than Disneyland in California. Epcot is the coolest.

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Troy, I lurve Epcot. Every time I’m there I do “Beers Around the World” and then go ride Soarin’. Have a half yard in “England” for me. I do believe there’s gewurtz available in “Germany”.

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Will do!

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@gooch I am soooo jealous. I loved that place when I was there. I spent two days and it wasn’t enough.

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i live in florida, and have never been to disney.
i’ve been to islands of adventures and animal kingdom, but never disney. i think it’s ridiculously overpriced though – at least for the food.

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I loved it there and defo want to go back (been to both parks) I reckon it’s so happy because when you get there it useually isn’t a let down, it exceeded my expectations and that of my husbands who really isn’t into theme parks at all!
People who go there are often people who want to be there and enjoy the experience for what it is! So there is no need to be sad!

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@Tiff do the dining plan each person gets three meals, two snacks and a bottle of wine each day for a fraction of the cost. Check it out it is awesome.

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The secret to affording Disney is the packaged plans. We can get 5 days at Disney plus hotel, airfare and rental car for less than airfare alone.

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When I go, I usually eat one meal at Club 33. The food is the best in the park, and so are the bragging rights.

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Because inside your inner child can start singing such classics as ‘I just can’t wait to be king!’ and for once not feel guilty ^^

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@filmfann ; You bet I’m jealous! I’ve been on the waiting list for club 33 membership for 5 years!

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I am not a member. I just have connections.

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I want connections!

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