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Anything productive to do at a desk job?

Asked by musicman997 (105points) June 3rd, 2009

I get so bored at work, and I want something to do. I have access to a computer, but i dont wanna spend hours on youtube. Any ideas to maybe make more money, i dunno anything to keep me awake.

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Try Fluther.

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productive, not to just pass time

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Spend that time training for a better job.

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or start a popular blog that attracts enough people and then you can start making money from advertising. I dunno. Maybe do an ebay business. but it seems like a bad idea to have a second job that you do while you are at work lol

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Find a way to view porn and send emails in a manner that they can’t be traced or detected by HR. Sell this service online. Reap the profits and love of an apathetic workforce.

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Unless it’s something about the company you work for, be careful about studying or researching on the internet at work. More people get jealous, gossip and speculate than show support of those who want to better themselves and if it’s not related to your immediate company then managers don’t want to have to see it.

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Online graduate courses. You can be doing your homework and everyone will think you’re a hard worker.

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What is your job? Assuming that you have a position where you are expected to have down time (such as at a reception desk), here are some ideas:

—Read a book. Learn something you want to know or something that will help you move ahead more quickly to a job you’d rather have.
—Take an online course or a tutorial. (Lupin just beat me with that one. Good suggestion.)
—Take distance learning classes that you can do at night, and do your homework during the day.
—Write. Journal, write stories, write your autobiography. (Password-protect your files.)

However, if your job is not just to sit there until somebody comes along but to be doing something specific, better do that. And if your workload is too light, ask for more responsibility.

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Ask for more work? That would make you look like a star employee who is very efficient, possibly give you better resumé fodder for a future job, and show up your lazy coworkers.

If I were your boss, I’d think of this as the best possible option.

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Are you doing what you’re paid to do?

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When you have downtime, take a look around and see what needs to be done. Straightening up and/or cleaning? Filing? Purging old files? Whatever it is, do it! Ask your boss if there are any long-term projects you can work on. If nothing else, this will make your time pass much quicker.

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Um, other than doing your paid job?

You really shouldn’t be looking to make money on the clock of your other job, especially not using the resources provided by them. Your IT guys will know what you are doing and it could likely lead to you being fired. Not a worthwhile risk to take.

Talk to your boss and request more work. If he has none, go and see if other people need help.

One thing’s for sure, don’t try making money using their equipment and time. I almost guarantee you this will fail spectacularly.

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Are you an intern? People aren’t hired for a “desk job”; they’re hired for a role or purpose.

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Use your imagination. Innovate. Take a piece of paper and write: here are my top 10 crazy ideas of how the (business) world could look like in 2015 in 2020 and in 2030. Start writing. Keep writing. Pick 3 ideas and do some background research using the web. A month later show some influential people in your organization your ideas.

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Hey guys I appreciate all the help. When I was hired, my boss told me explicitly that, “you will get bored, bring some work to do.” So with that said, no there isnt anything extra at work i could be doing. I am a receptionist, and the only thing i have to do is answer my phone, which only rings a few times an hour. So as a few of you had mentioned, there is no extra work to ask for! I wish there was, then there would be potential for me to stand out. Damn. dynamicduo, our IT guys simply dont care.

matttbrowne: I love the way you think, now the problem is finding feasible buisness ideas to capitalize on.

I was thinking taking an online class that would count as credit for college. However there are few online classes which can credited because of the fact that they are online, and not in class.

Blondesjon: I can watch all the porn I want :P

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