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Should I visit Vienna or Berlin?

Asked by LC_Beta (1883points) June 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I’m very excited. I’m meeting my partner in Prague in four weeks, after a three month separation. We want to do a little travelling, as I haven’t seen any of Europe except for Norway.

We’ve decided on either Vienna or Berlin, and the final decision has been left up to me. Your input would be so appreciated!

We’re on a budget and will be staying in hostels. We’re not huge partiers, but will probably want to see some nightlife. Also, I’m a photographer.

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Personally, I agree with this person and would rather go to Vienna because of its history. Either city should have plenty of nightlife, but here is a guide to Vienna’s.

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I haven’t been to Vienna, but I highly recommend Berlin.

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Oh, god. I have to choose?!



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@asmonet thanks :) do you have any particular reasons for choosing Vienna?

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Here is a quick Berlin guide.

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Berlin…nice buildings… :))

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Vienna, but only because the early novels of John Irving made it seem like a very interesting place. And I want to see all the Mozart-related sights, of course.

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@LC_Beta: While my artsy self is screaming Berlin, my history nerd inside is beating it into submission. And I’ve always told myself I’d see these.

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vienna is really expensive. even the europeans think it is expensive.

but i am sure berlin isn’t exactly cheap.

vienna has the hapsberg palace, and their art collection is there both are cool, but berlin has plenty to offer.

either way prauge will be hard to top!

all and all i’d say berlin.

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Berlin. Lived there for 3 months and loved every second of it.

There is more than enough history to keep you busy, museums and intersting sites to see. the East Gallery of the Berlin Wall in Friedrichshain, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, Chekcpoint Charlie.

and places like the Hauptbahnhof train station are just great to stroll around, get some lunch and visit the shops.

I recommend Berlin over Vienna(even though i havent been) but i think Berlin will be much more exciting for you

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I have been to both and while Vienna is beautiful in scenery – Berlin wins hands down!!! There is so much to see and do in Berlin, do a free walking tour, they are amazing, the people really know their stuff, and do it for the love of it – not the $$$. Berlin!

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Berlin, of course. But then I’m probably biased. My brother lives in Berlin. Wonderful city.

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Sounds like Berlin is the popular choice.

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Berlin it is! This was a tough choice, thanks Flutherites. Maybe it will change my entire future ;)

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It probably will. ;)

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I’m still going to Vienna someday.

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