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Does anybody know the income of a organic farm?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) June 3rd, 2009

I know, i shouldn’t be using this for homework purposes, but i reallly can’t find out organic farmers income! I have a presentation tomorrow, it’s not based on the information, but more of how we present it. One of the things i will have to include and tell the class is the income of organic farmers. I can’t seem to find it. In particular, I’m searching for organic flax farms and their incomes. Please help? This is for Biology, and everyone has different presentations and choices to pick from. So if any of you know their yearly income, please tell me. -=D

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It varies greatly depending on size and crop yield. Something with a lot of overhead, like eggs, can be a break-even (or less) venture at anything but a huge scale. Organic tobacco seems to be in high demand but, again, an organic tobacco farm can be anywhere from 2 acres to 3000 acres.

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Sometimes the simplest search turns up the information you need.

I found several sites such as this and this.

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Consider the crop, consider the yield, consider agriculture futures and make an estimated guess based upon past averages.

If you slacker guys/gals put half as much effort in doing a little research as you did with social networking you could actually get A’s.

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I don’t know all the details darn it! But I know of a guy who sold his organic farm to grimway (the baby carrot people) for something like 40 million. Sorry that I can’t give you more. And mama judi says, next time, start your homework sooner!!!

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I “farm” organically. I don’t think I end up too far into the red.

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