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Do you ever type out your responses on Notepad or Word or something before posting them here?

Asked by Dansedescygnes (2881points) June 3rd, 2009

I do it sometimes for several reasons. One because I don’t want to lose something if it doesn’t post for some weird reason or another. That happened a lot on Usually I just CTRL+C’d that shit.

Two because sometimes I haven’t thought of what I want to write completely yet and I don’t it to say I’m a composing member for 2 days, so I just start it in Word and complete it later.

But the main reason now is that I don’t want to lose anything long-winded or interesting that I write. I’ve seen several long and interesting (in my opinion) things I wrote disappear because the question was modded and I decided I don’t want that to happen anymore. It sucks though, because no one’s ever going to get to read it… :(

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Yep. Anything long is done in TextMate.

I wouldn’t bother doing that with this answer.

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Yes, I do sometimes, and for exactly the same reasons as you. Sometimes I click the wrong button or lose the connection, and then it’s gone. After three or four of my better answers vaporized that way (the ones that get away are always better), I adopted that measure for anything that wasn’t going to be easy and quick or that I needed time to think about.

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Though I’m serious about the stuff I write here, I’d never thought of any of it as
being at all precious. I can write it again if I lose it – probably better.

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Eh I fluther on my PC so it does a spell check as I’m typing usually and I don’t usually click something by accident and lose my answer.

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Not really..but most of my answers are usually short, simple and to the point

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Well, I think of it that way too. I was a member of two websites like this one. On the first one, I had a word count of over 200,000. And yet nothing remains of what I wrote there, despite the fact that some of it was good. On, I had written probably just as much. I had the option to keep everything I had written; I chose not to. I just decided it was time to move on and I didn’t need to keep that stuff. Besides, I already print-screened the most important things in my opinion. :P

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Not so much. I tend to shoot from the hip.

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I’ve written two on Notepad before transferring them.

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I’m more of a gambler. I just write it straight out on Fluther, double check spelling and grammar, and then let ‘er rip.

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Only when I’m typing a long response and don’t feel like finishing it at the moment.

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It has never even occurred to me. My answers are usually not very long. And some might say not that well thought out, either!

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only sometimes will I forget what my whole response was. I use fluther through mobile only.. so its difficult to scroll back up to check my post. but I like it because its mini and I dont gotta walk to the laptop. and yes, I hate random crashes when I post somethin an essay-long. I get loco.

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Nope. I just tap away with one little finger here on my iPhone.

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@Dansedescygnes – once – I thought I’d written something I needed to remember and understand, and I had to look for it for a long, long time. I did find it, somehow, in the fluther-archive, and made a copy that I saved. But I can’t imagine anyone ELSE wanting to see it.

I know this isn’t what you’re asking about – the connection is to valuing our writing.

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If I can quickly crank out an undetected response with minimal typos then it’s a win day on fluther. By the time I get home from work and tootle around here, I’m of little attention to write any sagas. So, no.

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i have my butler type out my comments, and if he doesn’t put italics in the right spot, i beat him.

stupid Jeeves, it’s underscores, not dashes!

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Nope. I don’t. I write how I feel at that moment in response to the question. Don’t over analyze, don’t over think. Just let your mind and heart control your fingers and your answer will be exactly what you want it to be. Remember. Always trust your first instinct.

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I have once or twice on my computer but I usually don’t as I mostly fluther on my iPhone.

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@Dansedescygnes You have been modded? That doesn’t seem to rhyme with you. I wonder what that could have been.

Yes, I write it out on notepad most often if it’s lengthy for the same reason as you. Also, the input box i quite small, and I can’t get an overview and scrolling up and down that narrow box to try to check the text is not that comfortable.

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When I’ve written a long comment, I will copy paste it to my trusty Notepad++ program (one feature it has is tabs, so I use it like a jot pad) just in case the server hiccups, as it has been more prone to do these past months.

I used the iPod Touch a few times but I can’t stand the slow input compared to a keyboard. And I support my thoughts with links oftentimes, which is not possible to add yet with the iPhone.

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I do it with questions, because sometimes it takes me a while to figure out how to word it properly. But, not usually with short, to the point responses.

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I am an iPhone jellyfish. I have only logged on on my laptop a couple of times and never used a word editer while doing so.

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I never write anything very long, so I always compose it here!

Just joking! about the long part, not the here part

I’ve lost two or three long posts this way. I started control c-ing them for a while, when it’s getting long, just in case something crashes and then I can paste it elsewhere. But I usually forget to do that. If I lose it, I lose it. Sometimes I redo it, and sometimes I just let it go.

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@daloon Do you use firefox? Try the Lazarus add-on.
It recovers unsaved form data in cases of crashes. When you open up the browser again, just right click the text field and press “recover”.

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@oratio – Thanks for the tip on Lazarus. I have added it and will see how it works.

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@oratio Can Lazarus help me when fluther crashes? What happens is that the writing gets eaten when I press “answer” and then either the internet or fluther eats it.

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@daloon @Darwin It saves all your form input text as you write. Even the ones not involved in crashes or any other accident. It has a password feature to secure form restoration, if you worry about security. And you might wanna time limit the saves to a day or too, if you make a lot of input as some do.

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I’ve never considered it that important. I think most of these people will survive if they don’t get my latest musings on my favorite band or <insert religious debate here>.

it’s just not that important for me to be right. it is important, just not that important

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one time i fell down the stairs and my shoes fell off.

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Sometimes I wish fluther had a “save draft” feature where I could save partially formed questions and come back to them later.

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I wish I could flag or save threads and collect then in a tab in my account page.

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Actually, I have been modded before (once—and it was for a question type that I had used before, but obviously some mods let it go past them and others don’t—believe me, I know how it is, I was a moderator on a website from 2006 to Jan. 2009 when the site closed down), but that’s not what I was referring to in this question. It was someone else’s question where I posted a really long answer that I thought other people would find interesting and I wanted to hear comments on it but then the question was removed shortly after I posted the answer.

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