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So I'm thinking on getting an unlocked cell phone for my b-day, is this the best choice?,?

Asked by 2late2be (2286points) June 4th, 2009 from iPhone

I really liked a Sony ericsson that I saw on eBay. But it is unlocked, but I heard that unlocked cell phones doesn’t come with all the features like Internet or MMS let’s say, and I want my new cell to be FULLY functional.. Anyone out there have and unlocked cell that can share its experience with mr??

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It depends on your usage and budget. Can’t go past a BlackBerry if you can afford one. I use my constantly, for an old guy I do more texting and emailing than most kids. Than most younger guys anyway, teenage girls are born with calloused fingers.

Unlocking a phone isn’t hard and once unlocked it will have all the features available to the model and carrier. The plan is as important as the phone in many ways. The BlackBerrys have the advantage of not using extra data for browsing, emailing, texting or IM messaging. Some of the other smartphones can bankrupt you. (iPhones.)

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Don’t you own an iPhone? Why would you get anything else?

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@Since010501 no, I don’t have an iPhone and don’t want to, there’s a lot of things that you can’t do on the iPhone, such as record a video, zoom in pictures and that is very important to me, I have an iPod touch and that is enough for me.

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I have an unlocked RAZR, and it has all the same functions that my previous RAZR that I bought directly from T-mobile did. I’ve heard the best thing to do if you want to buy a phone already unlocked is to try and buy one that was originally designed for the same carrier you’ll be using it with.

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@Since010501: Can’t you only use an iphone with AT&T/Sprint? If not, I want oneeee!!!

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@juniper You cannot use them with Sprint. They are on AT&T’s network-though I know you can get them unlocked for tmobile. What company are you with?

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I’m with Tmobile! This is excellent news! I wonder if they would work the same way though. I mean, how would I pay for the internet service through tmobile? Seems tricky.

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