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Why do people get mad? Do you think it might be a disease?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) June 4th, 2009

People can get mad at anything. What is the difference between the calm and collective vs. the angry and over tensed?

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Did they eat a cow recently?

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Anger isn’t a disease, it’s an emotion just like all others.

There could likely be genetic influences on anger, but this could also be due to nurture instead of nature. This is to say, someone raised in a house where people are angry often has a greater risk of becoming an angry person.

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Anger is a response. Some people don’t respond as well as other people. Chronic anger is a symptom.

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The source of anger is usually frustration with something or hurt (either physical or emotional).

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Long-term anger can lead to disease, such as high blood pressure, which can lead to cardiac disease
as well as create havoc with a bunch of your vital organs and vision.

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Some anger is justifiable, such as anger in the face of injustice or abuse of the helpless. Anger should, however, be one of an array of human emotions. If someone is off-balance and is angry too much it can indeed damage one’s physical health as well as one’s relationships. In those cases, the parson should do whatever they can to restore their personal emotional balance.

Anger can indeed be a symptom of disease or injury. My son is an example of that, having frontal and temporal lobe damage that leads him to have the diagnosis of Oppositional-Defiant Disorder.

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