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Apart from your own, what culture interests you the most why?

Asked by OpryLeigh (25280points) June 4th, 2009

I am very intrigued by a few cultures/ways of life but at the moment I am most interested in old fashioned Gypsy cultures and the Amish. There is something about these so-called simple ways of living that I find quite calming.

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There is an enormous difference between the Amish and Gypsies. Aside from the fact that both groups eschew outsiders there would appear to be little in the way of similarity. What appeals to you about them? I am often referred to as a Gypsy because for many years I lived a very nomadic life, mostly as a cruising yachtsman, but that was about the extent of any similarity.

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Japan’s culture has interested me in the past. I gained a lot of lessons and valuable perspective from learning about it and participating in it (as much as a foreigner can of course, but even that is a lesson as well).

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I have always had a fondness toward autochthonous peoples like native Hawaiians, Maori and the Native American tribes of the Americas. They’re all very different, but they all share a sense of balance with the earth and seem to understand the necessity of all of the units of a family: men, women, children and the elderly. I think that is beautiful. Not to mention their art is beautiful and profound.

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Indian, Tibetan, Yoruba, Ibo, Vodoun, Lap…

I mean, I could go on and on. They’re all interesting to me. So many ways of living and thinking, and I believe I can learn from all of them. I like to have my world view moved, and it usually is when people think so differently.

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The Aborigines. As well as Italy.

Aboriginal Dreamtime is intrigue, not to mention playing the didgeridoo. Italy has rich history.

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I love the European culture. I wish I could relax as well as they do.

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I think pretty much every culture other than the one I’ve been raised in, is interesting. I particularly like leaning about Jewish traditions. But, most all fascinate me.

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The Japanese culture.

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Japanese culture fascinates me. They do “weird” better than anyone.

At the same time, their country has such a rich history and tradition of art

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I like French culture.
Parkour, Asterix, world-famous cuisine, and of course the French language.

Probably mostly the French language.

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many many countries cultures, practically all of them. as well as indian cultures (of every kind), tattoo culture, BACTERIA CULTURES…should i go on…?
my bf is into the japanese thing but i don’t really get it. i appreciate their art and appreciation for their land and family but i don’t really love it.
but i can appreciate anything that makes me go, “oh shit! i never thought of it that way!”

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This is strange, but I really am interested (if not a little obsessed) with learning about other american family traditions in America. I’ve lived here most my life, yet I still run into problems at dinners and such because I don’t know how to handle silverware when eating something new.
I’d really like to find one day, that I can learn my way around a fork and knife as well as I do with chopsticks.

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@noelasun I didn’t realize people had specific traditions when it came to silverware. I do know how to use certain forks and spoons at high end places, since I had to serve at one…but I figured we had stolen that from some other culture.

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Anglo-american culture, african-american culture, indian cultures.

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yeah…. I hadn’t realized either, until one day at a formal dinner, I found there was nothing on my plate I knew how to use silverware for.
(it was a disaster… how do you eat string beans with forks, anyhow???)
I was shooting beans at people on all sides

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I was always interested in Japanese culture, but then I married a Japanese man, so now his culture is my culture.

And @casheroo – The fork, at least, was invented by the Italians, but improved by the British.

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Almost any culture other than mine. I am fascinated from Tibetan monks to fashion week in Paris to practices of a Caribbean voodoo priestess. I’d be willing to state that there is something in every culture that interests me and that I would love to learn and experience more about.

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Middle east. I’m so fascinated by life there, I even have a traditional muslim headscarf and body covering.

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@hug_of_war Middle east. I’m so fascinated by life there, I even have a traditional muslim headscarf and body covering.

You haven’t got anything that goes “Bang!” do you? Just kidding.

I loved Cairo when I was a kid, it used to fascinate me. I spent some time there when I was about eleven. It was so different in those days. I have been back since – several times, but the magic has gone.

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The eastern Indian culture really fascinates me. I’ve always thought I lived in India in a previous life. I love the music, the style of dress, and I’ve always felt a connection to the people for some reason. I would love to visit there one day.

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When I was four, we went to Newfoundland to visit my uncle who was on Sabbatical there. It was really shocking to my toddler-self to be in a place where they speak English, but differently than I’d ever heard. Being a Midwesterner, I’d also never experienced a culture so tied to the ocean. Seventeen years later, I spent a semester in Brittany and experienced some of the same astonishment. I am fascinated by the attitudes and soticism of those who live and work on the water.

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Inuit culture. To not only live, but thrive, in such a harsh environment is fascinating to me.

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I am fascinated by all cultures, modern as well as ancient. I have studied different cultures all my life.

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Fascinated by the Maori culture having just been to NZ loved finding out about ceremonies, family life and their general realxed attitude towards life.

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I think the Native American cultures here in the United States are fascinating on many levels and tragic at the same time because of how terribly they’ve been mistreated for generations.

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@DarkScribe I am very aware that the Amish and Gypsies are two different cultures, I never implied that they were the same, they are just two cultures/ways of life that intrigue me (like someone else maybe interested in the Chinese and the Egyptian!). There are gypsies n my family history and I love the idea of never settling in one place for a huge amount of time, I guess it strikes me as being carefree although I am sure that it is not as carefree as I imagine. There is something very romantic about it. As for the Amish, I am just interested in learning more abot their way of life. I admire the fact that material possessions mean very little to them in the grand scheme of things.

@Les and @Bluefreedom I am also interested in the Native American cultures.

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@sakura My best friend’s soon to be ex husband is Maori. I’m also fascinated by the culture. She spent 5–6 months of every year there for the past few years, and I loved her stories about their lives there. They are very relaxed and very family oriented. Have you seen the movie Whale Rider? You would probably like it.

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@essieness I haven’t seen it but I will look out for it thanks!

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@essieness Whale Rider is a great film!

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I find ancient Egyptian culture fascinating, I hope to visit the pyramids one day. I used to love doing projects on it at school, I wish I’d continued on with an ancient history subject.

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the cultures of india, ancient civilizations in general, and native americans absolutely intrigue me.

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