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What'd ya get for Christmas?

Asked by Xpress411 (120points) December 26th, 2007

Really I’m a chanuka guy, but it’s still fun to call all your friends the next day and ask them the big question. My favourite gifts this year: a loaf of HEMP bread and a really comfy blanket. Maybe next year I’ll get a PS3.

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ew why in the world would you want a ps3 lol. My favorites were a really comfy hoodie and all four seasons of “The Pretender” on dvd

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Super Mario Galaxy,
new iPhone Earbuds,
cash and a hand gun.

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Monies, car-mats and a pair of skater shoes :]

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My sister bought me 400 pairs of socks.. That was the gift from her family. This is what I get every year from them. I never wear the same pair of socks twice… Yes, I know that is weird.

My girlfriend bought me an iPod Touch..

My mom sent me something but it hasn’t shown up yet.

Well.. that is it.

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that is really weird. Where do the socks end up?

A beautiful Luna brand acoustic guitar

A new car stereo to replace my (unsatis)factory installed one

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a sweater, an old style popcorn popper, 5 ounces of lindt Lindor Truffles – Dark Chocolate

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Home cooking from Mom… /Yummy that was good..

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For Channukah, a trip to California which I’m on right now. That’s right, I love Fluther so much that I’m checking it on vacation. :)

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PSP and iphone

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An Xbox 360, A Hamilton beach Brewmaster coffee maker-Joy! A complete bedding set from Pottery Barn, games for my Xbox, perfume, cookies, candy, lots of good stuff!

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An awesome leather jacket and Santa brought me an awesome girlfriend.

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my dad gave me a carton of cigarettes and grabbed me by the collar, “smoke-up, johnny!”

he then forced my mom to make him a chicken pot pie. that bitch.

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