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Computer slow these days?

Asked by fish4meat (8points) June 4th, 2009

At boot up, the computer lately is running slowly-after awhile it’ll finally speed up back to normal. What’s the best way to check out registry issues, or whatever you think might be plaguing the beast?

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Too many possibilities. It could be trojans or a virus, it could be simply that there are too many things being started at boot-up, or it could be a cluttered registry. Start the Task Manager and see which apps are sucking up the most CPU cycles and memory. If you have too many things running in the background the system might be low on memory and spooling to disk.

Windows boxes need regular housekeeping. Run MSCONFIG and go through your startup files and disable anything that isn’t really necessary.

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If you use Windows, I’m afraid that it’s just prone to slowing down over time and over usage, and the best way to spruce it up (and to make sure you’re squeaky clean re viruses) is to reinstall Windows and your programs. I usually do this every few years.

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@dynamicduo All operating systems will slow down time and usage including Mac and Linux.

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@MrGeneVan All operating systems will slow down time and usage including Mac and Linux.

That isn’t true. There is no reason for a properly maintained PC system to slow down, and Macs require almost no housekeeping by comparison to operate as new at all times.

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i recommend a couple of free utilities that i use:

link and “link”:

i also suspect that you need to defrag the system. your PC has a built in program for that
under ‘accessories” / “system tools”

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You can speed up your computer by:

—cleaning system junk
—optimizing computer services
—optimizing internet
—repairing registry
—defraging registry
—clearing browsers junk

do these things with some secure tool such as Intel Software Partner Reginout.


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