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On Fluther, how do you distinguish between someone who was banned vs. someone who deleted their OWN account?

Asked by SirBailey (3130points) June 4th, 2009
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I think only Mods would know the difference.

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I don’t believe you can.

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Only Bendrew knows for sure.

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who would delete a fluther account?

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The distinction is between someone who was a real jerk and someone who thought others were real jerks. Other than that, probably doesn’t matter…at least not to me.

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The angle of the entry wound.

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From the stupid.

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Gone is gone…

“Alas poor Yorick- I knew him well.”

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@Dog: You might want to check that quote while there’s still time to edit…

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[mod says] Members can’t tell. Mods, community managers, and founders can.

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@Breedmitch I altered it to my suiting but now wish I had chosen “Nevermore” by Poe.

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At this time there is no public way. But I have heard that may be implementing a different, distinguished page at a later time, so that we can know if the user left of their own volition or not.

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I think if there is a different page for showing whether someone left vs. got banned, they should ALSO indicate that the person who left has returned with a new alias (won’t mention the specific alias of course). And yes, this does happen very often. It looks bad that someone has disabled until you realize they just returned with a new name for whatever reason.

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Perhaps we should just leave it at what you think happened based on your personal interactions with someone. We don’t really need a “Wall of Shame” or even a “Wall of People Who Decided to Leave on their Own.”

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I agree with Darwin. Most of the time I’m just satisfied to know they’re gone.

If a well-known long-time community member disappears, it’s disturbing and disappointing, but it’s usually a safe bet that it was voluntary.

@Dog, both your near-quote and your proposed alternative allude to lamented departures. How about Tom Rush instead?

No regrets, no tears goodbye
Don’t want you back, we’d only cry again,
Say goodbye again

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@Jeruba I concur! Tom Rush is the proper sentiment. Perhaps that quote should be on the screen that comes up when a user is no more. * grin *

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@Dog; What Jeruba and Breedmitch are saying ever so tactfully is that the quote is, “Alas, poor Yorick. I knew him, Horatio.”

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@gailcalled Indeed I know it was a misquote. It was meant to be tongue in cheek but grossly backfired. Most embarrassing.

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@Dog; Simply time don’t use quotation marks.

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@gailcalled True! A lesson learned with thanks!

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@Darwin Perhaps we should just leave it at what you think happened based on your personal interactions with someone.

I agree.

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The reason I asked is because of a question I read on here talking about thanking The Fluther powers-that-be for removing all the problem people. I wondered how one could tell who was removed vs. who deleted their OWN account.

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