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I'm going voting in 1 hour. Who do I vote for?

Asked by Mushy99 (156points) June 4th, 2009

I’m going to place my European vote in 1 hour. The trouble is I have no idea who I should vote for. Labour is not a good choice as anyone can see, Conservatives don’t have any policies, UKIP are nutters, BNP are racists and the green party will tax us drivers to death. Lib Dems are the best of the worst, but will get rid of the ID scheme and put up taxes for most and also put up the price of food. So help please.

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If you have to ask someone else how you should vote, you probably shouldn’t be voting in the first place.

It’s YOUR choice.

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It’s not that I don’t understand, it’s because there is no real choice, but if I don’t vote, then I feel I shouldn’t complain about how things are so that’s why I’m asking for other views on this.

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Yeah I personally felt I had to take the responsibility to do some reading up on what the different parties had to say and what they did the past five years.

I just voted GroenLinks in the Netherlands, who are part of the European Green Party. I don’t know exactly what the Green Party in the UK has to say, but I do know that the European Greens vote most alike so I’ll assume they’re quite similar to GroenLinks. I think it’s a bit short-sighted the way you present it (which would led me personally to conclude I’d better not vote). I wouldn’t worry too much about the greens “taxing drivers to death”.

The European Greens have developed a comprehensive plan to stimulate both the economy and to tackle the climate problem, which they call the Green Deal (yes, it’s a really cheesy name…). It comprises too much to be able to effectively explain it here, but it involves investments in green technologies (encouraging, for example, green energy sources), invests heavily in innovations in that area, and also makes it cheaper for you to e.g. insulate your house which will save energy and thus save you some money. This will create an estimated five million jobs in five years so it’s a joint effort to stimulate the economy and make Europe a leader in durable technologies which will also be an economic advantage as fossil fuels start becoming more and more scarce.

Anyway, as I said it’s too much to quickly explain (I haven’t even told about the European “supernet”) – you’ve just started orienting too late IMHO. And even if you do vote I don’t think you have a right to complain about anything you haven’t thoroughly informed yourself about. So my voting advice is really: don’t vote and read up in the future, discuss the elections with other people who have read and make sure you can make informed statements.

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I’m not a briton so I don’t really know, but I would avoid BNP. Maybe Green Party. They seem ok.

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Whoever you feel will do the best job.

My only knowledge of this is listening to the BBC News Hour on NPR every once and a while. It sounds like it’s quite the mess over there.

My opinion: avoid the BNP at all costs.

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Yes, vote green.

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It’s a bit presumptuous for you to decide that I’ve only been reading up on it today. I have in fact read about all the parties over the last years. The only thing that is stopping me from voting for the green party is that I have to drive a lot for my job and I do not need to be forced off the road due to them putting a further green tax on my car and fuel. This is something the green party here has already stated they will do. If that happens, I will no longer be able to work in my current job. That’s what worries me. The rest is ok.

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I’m sorry to sound presumptuous, I just drew that conclusion from the descriptions you gave of each party which obviously doesn’t do justice to the extensive party programmes most parties have compiled.

Anyway, what is your job?

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I just didn’t want to write up all the policies of each in the question as no-one would bother reading it. I rep, so I drive everyday, most of the day up and down the country. The petrol comes out of my cost.

By the way, what extensive programmes do the UKIP, BNP or the Conservatives have?

Labour , Conservatives and Lib Dems have shown us in the last few months just how untrustworthy they are and that’s why I refuse to vote for them, no matter what their policies are. Some leaders of the BNP are in Jail, UKIP really are nutters (most people agree on that)

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I agree. It’s the same in my country. I don’t always agree with some of GP’s “Nature first” crap, but they are dependable IMO.

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I really wouldn’t know as I don’t live in the UK, but I really do expect most parties to have written down a party programme (almost every party here, except for a few populist parties, have clearly written down their main policies).

But yeah, the dependability @oratio mentioned, I must admit, also played a big role in my decision.

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I voted for the Lib Dems, Britain will do better working with other countries.
Edits out all the bad points,

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Thing is so long as you vote for the party you disagree with least and that you vote in the first place. Great question!

So relieved that everyone is anti BNP too.

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BNP, the honest party.

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I do feel bad for Nick Griffin, this is a democracy and the news papers and news should be fair on him and let him say his views but they very often don’t.

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Anyone who can refer to the murder of six million Jews as a “holohoax” should definetly be treat with contempt by the press.

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If the news would let him talk he would agree it was wrong of him to say that.
How can we really see ourselves as a democracy when we don’t let everyone have their say?

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Hi @myndecho he’s just been on the election programme, didn’t really make much of an impression other than that of a facist.

As a minority party it will always be difficult to get any press time, when you have members with extremist views and when some of your membership have less than glowing pasts it’s even harder to appear positively in the press.

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