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The European Union flag: What do you think?

Asked by oratio (8920points) June 4th, 2009

I was surfing for information around the current European Union election, and wondered what people felt about our flag.

It’s quite unique and can’t be confused with other flags, but it doesn’t symbolize anything in particular.

Wikipedia: The blue represents the west, the number of stars represent completeness while their position in a circle represents unity. The stars do not vary according to the members of either organisation as they are intended to represent all the peoples of Europe, even those outside European integration.

Whatever your feelings about the union is:
What do you think about the flag as it is?
Should the number of stars correspond to the number of member states?

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It’s okay I guess

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I like it.

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Actually its kind of boring and the representation behind it is forced at best. They should copy Mozambique’s idea and put an assault rifle on it. lol…

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I like it too.

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I don’t really care that much about the flag. The only time a flag matters to me is in sporting events and the like, and we participate in those as countries, so… :)

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@elchoopanebre Dude, Mozambique’s flag is badass. Certainly kicks Saudi Arabia’s flag’s ass.

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If they had constructed the blue background shape using the Golden Ratio Phi of 1:1.618… instead of 1:1.5 they could have related the shape of the flag to historic architecture and mathematics. It would have make a dandy maths class for all.

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@bob_ “Certainly kicks Saudi Arabia’s flag’s ass.”

Trying to picture this: flag . . . kicking . . . ass . . .

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Hmm seem to remember the stars representing member countries until people joined and left…

Like all flags, not so much what it looks like but represents and I rather like the idea of the EU.

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uh. How, exactly, does “the blue represent the west”?

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@MrItty Good question, and I am not sure why it would represent the west. And I would personally prefer that the number of stars corresponded to the number of states. I made a flag with 27 and 40 just for fun now. It works.

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