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Someone wants me to do some personal typing and want to know what much I will charge them. I have never done this type thing so I don't know how to start with a price. Can you give me some ideas?

Asked by ngoodloe (1points) June 4th, 2009

I type 80 words a minutes, but I have never do personal typing for someone.

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when I was in college (In the late late 1970’s) I paid $1.00 a page. with inflation it will be more, but it is easier now that you don’t have to start over every time you make a mistake. I would say that you should agree on a “per page” price, and agree in advance about spacing and font size.

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I would ask for $8—$10 per hour. I’ve done office assistant type work before, and that’s pretty standard.

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” I type 80 words a minutes, but I have never do personal typing for someone”

Yeah, but you make a lot of mistakes and your grammar stinks.

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Charge per page. This site seems to have some good guidelines. You may need to adjust your fee depending on where you live.

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