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Where can I get a good, reasonably priced haircut in Austin, TX?

Asked by austin365 (7points) June 4th, 2009

I am a guy with medium length hair and am looking for a place with salon quality but barbershop prices.

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It’s all in the stylist, not in where they work.

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What is your idea of reasonable?

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$20 TOTAL (I am used to cutting my own hair as I used to buzz it)

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Ummm, dude it’s Austin. You can’t. Ya wanna know a place for ‘zik or q and I’ll give it up. But a haircut? eh…

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Contact the local hair cut academy and let the students cut their hair under the supervision of their instructor. They are going to be really careful, for cheap.

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Barbershop by the Fiesta on 38½ east of the highway.

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