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amoreno06's avatar many of you have, would, or will?

Asked by amoreno06 (363points) June 4th, 2009

I was just curious to know how many users have fluther shirts?
or have thought of buying one?
i wanted one, but it only comes in brown…ick.
is there a reason for this?
are they fluther’s mascot colors for good?
maybe a nice black one would be good.

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_bob's avatar

Don’t have one, don’t want one, wouldn’t buy one.

Dog's avatar

I would love to see one in black too.

I think this was discussed somewhere else but I cannot find the thread.

SuperMouse's avatar

As I type I am sitting at the library circulation desk wearing my favorite tee, my JellyShirt! Even folks who have no idea what the meaning is, compliment me on Dr. J!

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

If only it were black and came in long sleeves, or brown with long black sleeves or black with long brown sleeves… and said, “I lurve” on the back.

La_chica_gomela's avatar

Don’t have one, won’t buy one. It’s cute, but I have a family member who works at a T-shirt factory. I have shelves and shelves full of T-shirts in my closet. So the idea of spending money on one kind of turns my stomach, no matter how cute.

RedPowerLady's avatar

I love brown clothes and I would certainly where a fluther shirt. I also enjoy supporting causes and companies I believe in through my clothing. But unfortunately I don’t have the funds right now to by any new clothes, let alone a t-shirt I can’t wear to work (only because it’s a t-shirt and I have do dress up just a bit for work).

jrpowell's avatar

I was given one. I was a bit skeptical about the brown and green. But it actually works pretty well.

But I would like a navy blue one with I white Dr. j on it.

amoreno06's avatar

@Dog i saw a thread that asked if they would make one and i forgot who it was that said they were in the process of making one(the one that’s for sale now)
but i don’t like brown.
and i don’t have the patience to make my own.
and they did say they’re american apparel shirts…
so i’d be inclined to buy one.
just not brown.
did i mention i don’t like brown?

_bob's avatar

I don’t understand what’s the deal with brown-bashing. My brown suit totally rocks.

Then again, I’m color-blind.

tinyfaery's avatar

I want one, but they are men’s tees and they do not look good on me. I’ve asked about a woman’s shirt, but so far, no deal. I have also asked about a sticker. Nothing about that either.

amoreno06's avatar

@tinyfaery when was the last time you checked?
they have women’s sizes now!

tinyfaery's avatar

Women’s sizes or women’s cut? Big difference.

jbfletcherfan's avatar

I probably would, but the color of this one keeps me from it. I’d like to see some other colors come in.

asmonet's avatar

I actually love brown shirts, and I love the Fluther shirt.
I was going to buy one with my tax return, but life got in the way. As soon as I’m settled in my new place and sure of my income I will be buying one. :)

andrew's avatar

@tinyfaery The women’s cut is in women’s sizes, for about a year now.

tinyfaery's avatar

Yay! It’s almost my 1 year flutherversary. I will get one to celebrate.

adreamofautumn's avatar

As soon as I have more than .45 in my account I have every intention of buying one. Why WOULDN’T I want a shirt with Dr. J on it?!

boffin's avatar

Done that…Got the T-Shirt

AstroChuck's avatar

Of course I have one. What do you take me for?

Aethelwine's avatar

I look good in brown, it compliments my blonde hair. I want one but I have no money to spend on clothes. :(

RedPowerLady's avatar

@tinyfaery I would love stickers.

casheroo's avatar

I want one for my son. He’d look awesome in it.

Aethelwine's avatar

@casheroo I’d love one for my daughter too. Do they come in children’s sizes? Your six @AstroChuck, they must come in tot size. ;)

Facade's avatar

I don’t have one. I don’t really wear t-shirts. Maybe I’d wear it to the gym…No, never mind. I wear wife beaters to the gym. The Fluther t-shirt is too expensive anyway. I hope you all enjoyed my ramblings

YARNLADY's avatar

duplicate question. see this and this and this

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it.

Aethelwine's avatar

@YARNLADY I think that we can let this one slide. Anything that will help make money for Fluther, right? :)

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

someone should introduce Bendrew to dubyadubyadubyadotstickerjunkiedotcom. Having fluther stickers made up could probably be an easy assignment, and they could either sell them or give them away for those folks that reach the 50,000 lurve mark.

I thought about making some up on my own, but didn’t want to get into a copyright situation with our shiny metal master, the Honorable Bendrew Continuum.

Aethelwine's avatar

I’ll buy a coffee mug. Believe me, it will get used!

YARNLADY's avatar

@jonsblond yes, I was just pointing out that a lot of us have one, and we love it. Not all duplicates are wrong.

Darwin's avatar

I have thought about obtaining one. While brown is not my favorite color, I might still get one anyway, but my biggest problem is that they only come in sizes up to 2X.

I’m a big person.

augustlan's avatar

Someone cough Andrew cough was supposed to be sending me one (mod perk). I am still shirtless… and my boobs are getting cold.

elijah's avatar

I would totally rock a sticker on my car. I would also buy a mug. I look good in brown, but I don’t often wear Tshirts unless they have a deep V neck. Girls with ahem tata’s don’t look good in high collared T’s.

SuperMouse's avatar

@elijah I would proudly display Dr. J on my car!

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

@elijah how about a shirt that reads Would you still be staring if these were brains? :-)

amoreno06's avatar

i guess i asked this question in hopes that someone would make it available in different colors…
it didn’t work, did it?

loser's avatar

We can always hope. I’d love a black shirt.

Bluefreedom's avatar

I will purchase a JellyShirt when the color comes in black. Or blue.

essieness's avatar

I have one and I lurve it :)

Dog's avatar

Wait! @essieness has a black one!

essieness's avatar

@Dog No, it’s brown. I did some editing on the picture.

Dog's avatar

@essieness No denying it looks awesome in black!

essieness's avatar

Stickers is a great idea. I totally want one for my car.

augustlan's avatar

I bet they’d make a lot more money selling stickers for 3 bucks than they do selling t-shirts for 20!

essieness's avatar

@augustlan I think you’re right about that one. Stickers, coffee mugs, mouse pads… Hell, I might even buy a framed print of Dr. J!

Dog's avatar

Coffee mugs- now that would rock.

Has Fluther considered a cafepress or artsnow shop?

augustlan's avatar

I suggest we all wait a few days to give the guys a well-deserved rest… and then flood them w/ product request emails. ;-)

Dog's avatar

Sounds like a good plan- someone keep @asmonet from breaking Fluther for a few days so they can rest.

intro24's avatar

I bought one and then accidently bought another.

tiffyandthewall's avatar

i really don’t understand why everyone hates brown shirts so much. i think it looks nice.
that being said, i don’t have one. though, maybe one day…

YARNLADY's avatar

@tiffyandthewall I don’t either. I love mine.

Darwin's avatar

The term “Brown Shirts” tends to remind me of Nazis. The shirts themselves tend to make me look jaundiced. On the whole, I prefer black or navy.

SundayKittens's avatar

I would totally buy other fluther logo things…i love them crazy jellies.

augustlan's avatar

Update: I finally got my jelly shirt! :D

Edit: I would still like to see a blue one.

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