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Has any flutherite ever successfully worked from home...

Asked by creativejuices (490points) June 4th, 2009

as in a new mom working for a drs office. I am referring to something in the nature of administrative assistant or medical billing. I don’t mean went to a home status after your baby is born. I mean finding a job that specifically wants you to work from home. How do/did you seperate the spam/frauds from the legit work from home opportunities. A lot of the things I have seen require you to “pay upfront costs” and the like… scam central to me. Did you answer one of those shady ads and it panned out? Anyone have a history with this?

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if you look on sites for jobs, like, and the like as well as your local major newspapers website for job listing you can, with enough perseverence find jobs that accept telecommuting. They’re few and far between but worth it if that’s what you need.

If someone who is offering you a job requires that you pay money for it, it isn’t employment, it’s a con job.

Remember, legit jobs usually don’t say WORK FROM HOME! MAKE MONEY! up front. Stay on reputable websites, meet in person, trust your gut if you get a bad feeling.

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Thanks asmonet!

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Anytime. :)

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Very few can successfully do it on a permanent basis. If it was so, then the majority of work would be done from home. I am a journalist/editor and I will often work from my home office if it is quiet, I have no meetings, and I am not supervising in any capacity. That still only allows me to work from my home office for about fifteen percent of the time. It also means that I will often be working when others would be relaxing, as I tend to “catch up” when necessary, rather than wait until I am at work.

I know of a few people who work primarily from home, one is a Radio Station talk back host who uses a broadband connection and a home switchboard to run the show. Others work in accounting or tax fields, but the most common that I know, being editors who work from home and use video conferencing for communication. We often use them to handle peak or overload times.

Telecommuting is becoming more common, but it is invariably an adjunct to an office job, not a substitute for it. You work part of the week from home, the rest in the office.

The only real answer is to start a home based business – not easy, but also not impossible.

ems's avatar is a great website for freelancers

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My down-the-street neighbor has worked from home for years, transcribing medical records. I believe she got into it because she had worked for several doctors and they hooked her up with the company they used.

My across the street neighbor now works from home. She works for an insurance company and due to a recent divorce and having a young son she needed to be able to keep an eye on him. The company set up a dedicated internet link and a phone line, and she now does all her work in the front bedroom, going in to the office only on Thursdays.

I work from home as an internet bookseller and have done so since 2002.

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Here are a few things I am currently doing to earn a couple dollars from home. Some pay more others pay less, some require more work than others do but there is no Cost to you and they are reputable companies. Try to think of creating something where you can work from home for yourself instead of relying on a company to hire you. I have a couple of these running at the same time but still don’t earn enough to quit my job. Still working on that though :O).

Amazon MTurk – Advantage, you choose which jobs to work on. Disadvantage: More times than not the pay is cheap unless you are a writer then you can earn good money on it. It is owned by so you know it is a reputable site. I earned $524 from February 4 2010 to August 19 2010. Again, most of the high paying tasks are writing/transcription related. Visit It’s FREE to join. There is NEVER any cost to you!

eBay – if you can find an in demand product (like cell phones) and a good supplier you can earn enough to do this from your home through product drop shipping. Once again, I only do this part time and I have sold $93+ in the past month. That does not mean that you can’t earn more. Some people do this for a living! That’s It’s also FREE to join. Only cost are seller and PayPal Fees.

Power Broker – If you’re not afraid of Cold Calling (contacting companies over the phone) then this job might be for you. Job consists of contacting companies over the phone to switch their current utility supplier to one of the companies represented by this company. When the company switches you earn a commission. Once again, there is NEVER ANY cost to you and they provide full training. You can find the details here

SBI – there is money to be made in affiliate/referral links. This is where you create a website around a specific theme, let’s say “Caribbean Beaches” or something you are very passionate about (gardening, scrapbooking, kids party planning etc), and then post links on the site you create from local companies relevant to whatever you choose. So for Caribbean Beaches you might link to hotels, restaurants, car rentals, boat rentals, tour guides, real estate offices etc. Every time someone visits your site to get some info on Caribbean Beaches and click on any link from the deals you have set up with the companies you’ll earn a referral commission for making a sale for the company.

SBI is one of THE best sites I’ve come across to help you accomplish this. WARNING this is not a site offering you a job. This site helps you to create your own money making site through affiliate linking and other programs. I think EVERYONE who owns a website/store/business or is interested in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) will benefit from the plethora of FREE information on this site. There is a paid service available.

I have more but this response is long enough already. If you have any questions contact me via Fluther. Hope this helps! Good Luck! :O)

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Oh just saw that you said successful. I am not currently successful at this. Then again, I only do it in my free time and that doesn’t mean you can’t be if you worked at it full-time!

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