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What would you be doing if you'd just finished your MA thesis?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) June 4th, 2009

Because I just did. Woo! Also, if you have, in the past, finished a thesis, what did you do when you were done?

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Haven’t finished a thesis, but, I just wanted to say “Congratulations!”.

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After I finished my thesis, I was so exhausted that I went to bed. Then made the requisite copies and triple-checked that all the margins etc. were as the university required. I waited to celebrate until it was safely approved, in their care, and officially done.

Then I took flowers over to my Mom’s to thank her for all her support. She fixed me lunch (some things never change) and told me how proud she was of me.

Made my everlovin’ day!

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Smoke some dope and go shopping. Not necessarily in that order. For some reason post finals/theses highs make me want to shop.


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I went to bed and stayed in bed for over a day. I was exhausted.

When I did get up, I felt so relieved!

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Congrads!!!!! What was your thesis topic?

I would have a HUGE blow out bash with my closest friends. But first I would follow caks advise!

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I haven’t done a Masters Thesis yet, but when I finished my Senior Capstone (massive paper needed to graduate at my school) I slept first (because I sure was missing a TON of it by that point) then rounded up a bunch of friends, grabbed a few bottles of wine and spent hours out on our porch enjoying the freedom, warm weather and general happiness. It was awesome.

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Does “finished” include having someone competent copyedit and proofread it for you? If yes, then I’d relax and celebrate in a manner of my choosing. If not, then I wouldn’t consider myself done yet.

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Nice point Jeruba.

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I would get shitfaced, preferably with someone who really dug me.

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When I finished mine I started getting ready to defend it.

Then, after I defended it successfully, I went out and had several beers with friends.

I understand that my father got “shit-faced” with my mother the day he finished and defended his PhD. dissertation.

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CONGRATULATIONS! Take a break, relax, party, have fun, go to bed early, get up late, and enjoy the stress free living for a while before it starts again when you get a job!!!

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Congratulations! :D

I would sleep.

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Thanks all! I am, in fact, done done. I had it bound on Thursday. After that, I took the longest shower of my life, pampered myself, and watched 3 episodes of House before going to bed for 8 hours (which is much more than I’ve had in a while). Then I handed it in yesterday, at which point I started drinking at the pub at noon and didn’t stop until about 3am.

I still have to defend it in 3 weeks, but I plan on taking a good long break before I even look at the thing again.

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Good on yah! Have fun :P

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