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My Apple MacBook Pro will not go to sleep - what can I do?

Asked by tichance (1points) June 4th, 2009

I put my MacBook Pro into my bag and it overheats as the machine never goes to sleep.

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Check your system preferences – can’t remember which exactly right now – and ensure that you’ve got it config’d to go to sleep when you close the screen.

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Could you try running “pmset -g” in the Terminal. (without quotes) It should look similar to what is below. I would like to see what yours outputs.

john-powells-imac52:~ johnpowell$ pmset -g
Active Profiles:
AC Power 2*
Currently in use:
sleep 10
displaysleep 10
autorestart 0
hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage
hibernatemode 0
powerbutton 1
halfdim 1
womp 1
ttyskeepawake 1
disksleep 10

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@MrGeneVan Get a more helpful answer. <3

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Helpful, you say. Tylenol Simply Sleep puts me to sleep QUICK.

Really, my OSX desktop was acting like that early on. During one of the Genius Bar tech visits, he made a small adjustment and all is fine now. Don’t know what he did.

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