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Do you consider oral sex,sex?

Asked by Harrow185 (298points) June 4th, 2009

Well do you consider oral sex, sex?-oral sex for a man and a female. open thoughts appreciated.

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Do you consider macaroni and cheese a pasta dish?

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I don’t consider it sex. Since I define that as intercourse. But it is certainly cheating.

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Yes. It has the word “sex” in the phrase. It’s sex.

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It’s not sexual intercourse, but yes, it is sex.

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It’s a variation of a sexual act so I’m pretty sure it’s sex. It seems like sex anyway. Tastes like it too. Yep, I’m sure it’s sex.

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It is a sexual act. But who cares what you call it? Whether you think of it as sex or not doesn’t change what it is.

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Is this Monica L.?

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Yep. I think it’s sex. At least part of sex…so yes, to me, it’s sex.

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Nope this is not monica l

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Yes, it’s sex. Mmmmm

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ok, just checking

to answer your question, what @Blondesjon said

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@johnpowell So lesbians don’t have sex?

Of course it’s sex.

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Well, I don’t know what you consider it. But Me? I consider it Dessert!!

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It’s not sex, but it is sexual activity. I would consider it cheating if I did it with someone I wasn’t dating, and I consider it very intimate with anyone I do do it with.

If you mean safe with respect to STD’s or what not…. you can get the majority of them from oral sex, and even a few variations that you can only get orally. So in that sense, no, it’s no safer than regular sex (other than eliminating the possibility of pregnancy).

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Does a bear sh** in the woods? Is the pope Catholic? Is Linsey Lohan a skanky hoochie momma ho? Of course its sex and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooooooooood!

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sex = “sexual intercourse” = “penis inserted into vagina”
anything else is a variety of sexual activities, but they are not “sex”, no.

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Of course I do. Some just say it’s “fooling around” to take the spice out of the context – but it’s ALL fooling around for that matter.

Say it anyway you want but I say sex begins as soon as two (or more) people remove their clothes and begin “servicing” each other in any variety of ways for pleasure.

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” I did not have SEX with THAT woman, Miss Lewinsky ”.

Slick Willie

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for those who care, the dictionary says “sex” means “coitus” which means “sexual intercourse” which means “genital contact, esp. the insertion of the penis into the vagina followed by orgasm; coitus; copulation.”

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@MrItty So in other words… it’s that thing I haven’t done in way too long? ..... :( self burn.

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I never have sex, then. And neither do gay men. Guess we aren’t sinning, afterall. It’s sex. Just cause a penis insn’t involved doesn’t change things. Damn phallocentric culture!

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@tinyfaery It has nothing to do with being phallocentric. A vagina has to be involved too. I don’t understand why there’s some sort of outrage over this. It’s just a definition. It doesn’t mean anything about you or your relationship. “Sex” is a synonym for “Sexual Intercourse”, because one syllable is easier to say than six. It doesn’t mean that any other form of sexual activity is “less good” or not as real or physical or emotional.

I’m also at a loss as to why people are bringing “cheating” up in this conversation. Sex is not equivalent to cheating. If you have sex with someone when you’re in a relationship with someone else, you certainly are cheating. But you’re also cheating if you kiss someone else, or hell sometimes even if you just flirt with someone else. Are those sex too?

Are you really saying that high school kids who give each other handjobs or fingering are “having sex” simply because there’s sexual activity involved? Shit if that’s true I lost my virginity a good decade before I thought I did!

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Yes but when I hear the words, “sex”, I’m one of those whose mind goes first to intercourse.
What johnpowell says is also true, any sex act without the knowledge and agreement of a partner is cheating.

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@hungryhungryhortence well of course it is. Sex is a subset of cheating. Not an equivalent. Oral Sex, Anal Sex, mutual masterbation, kissing, nude picture-taking, anything along those lines, are all forms of cheating.

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its not sex unless you’re cheating. only if you’re cheating on someone is it considered sex, cause you don’t go back from that if the partner finds out. if you’re single and hangin out with the boys (or girls) its “we fooled around, nothing much happened.” done.

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i just think it’s great.

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@eponymoushipster . . .so does tony the tiger

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@Blondesjon yeah. except he and capt’ crunch can’t get married in california.

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@evolverevolve HUH??? “It’s not sex unless you’re cheating.” ??? So when I give & receive oral sex with my husband, just what the hell is it??? You sure could have fooled me! Felt like sex at the time!

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Really, who cares? I grew up Catholic, and they don’t know their asses from a hole in the ground, and they would consider it sex so I would guess the opposite is true. I’m a lesbian and can pleasure myself and my partners and we don’t care if you call it sex or non-sex. If it isn’t sex then lesbians are the biggest group of virgins out there.

OMFG Who cares about the F’n labels!

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unbelievable. definitely a post-clinton question

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Yes, it is sex. Not intercourse, but still sex.

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Mrltty you make a good argument, I’m not sure where I stand on this.

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God damn, I’m bored with these questions.

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I understand the technical definition…I just group it all into the same category. It’s sex.

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It’s a form of sex, yes.

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I consider vaginal intercourse to be sex.

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I consider oral sex…infrequent.

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@cprevite You might suggest to your wife that you do it in the shower. It’s cleaner? that way. She might enjoy it more. :)

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No. It is, however, a great gift.

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oral-genital, oral-anal, genital-anal, genital-genital and any other combination, except maybe oral-oral is sex.

Saying oral-genital contact is not sex is ludicrous. Trying to rationalize such contact as not being sex because it isn’t intercourse is illogical. Might as well say hamburger is porkburger.

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Talking dirty like this is not just sex but sooooooooooo exciting.I think we are all having sex right now. i’m ready for a cigarette.

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I Agree with everyone^^^^^

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Nothing happened piki.

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Make it happen. Click the button.

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I’ve been tricked like this before piki, is this like pulling your finger and then you fart?

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Unicorns will fly forth from your screen and immediately ravish you with gold and oral sex.

I promise…

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Unicorns can do that?

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They’re unicorns. They have very adventurous tounges.

Source: Charlie the unicorn’s suspiciously gay friends.

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Let’s go to Candy Mountain, Charlie! Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain! Candy Mountain!

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Can their tongue retrieve a dime from the bottom of a wine glass?
If so, I’m game.

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Click the button and find out.

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I done did dude…..nada?

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Maybe it’s broke. Get all of your friends to push it too, from their accounts.

The unicorns are waiting…

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Friends, whats that ? I scared them off with my BIG pistola….and the gun didnt help either. {:

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Hehehehehe, your mom likes my gun. We have target practice every night.

BAM! Right in the kisser!

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Got tired of your sister, huh? Bam, right in the sister.

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(not really, who hasn’t ‘shot’ her)

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You can have my sister dude, but the teeth in the jar will cost you EXTRA.

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I clicked, and… Well it was good and stuff, but now the unicorn is demanding payment.

May need to start another question… Better go it’s chewing the couch.

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laughing out loud here

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It’s a sexual act, not actually vaginal or anal penetration sex but none the less, it’s a form of sex.


Yes, and one that adds a nice variety to life! :3

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Clinton didn’t, but I do.

I hear some teenagers don’t.

The real test is to come home to your wife and tell her you had oral sex with another woman. Let her decide whether it’s sex or not.

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Getting a BJ is like masterbating but instead of your hand your using another person’s mouth. It isn’t sex unless you make it sex. It is like giving oral to a woman, is that sex? You may penatrate her with your fingers while your tongue plays with her clit, but that is just finger banging.

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I love getting my cock sucked. It is a part of sex there for it is sex. It can be done in a way to get it really hard before fucking or it can be done all the way through to the end until it cums. But yes it is sex and a part of sex I will not go without.

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