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Any chance Orlando can beat the Lakers tonight?

Asked by MrsNash (574points) June 4th, 2009
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They just beat a better team with a better star player relatively easily, of course they have a chance.

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nope nope and nope. well..according to my boyfriend haha..die-hard lakers fan that one.

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There’s a chance.
There’s also a chance I might marry Monica Bellucci.

Neither is very likely.
p.s. Go Lakers!

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yes, height + depth= van gundy choking on a fatty

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Is that baseball or football? I’m not much of a sports guy.

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Ehhh, from what I’m watching….....slim to none, which pisses me off

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We need to all collectively visualize an Orlando victory

Or maybe like in Peter Pan, if we all clap our hands, and say “I believe!” they’ll have a miraculous comeback!

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@hearkat I’ll be doing no such thing.

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– maybe if I hypnotize you… O_o
gaze deeply into my eyes and repeat after me:
“Beat L.A., Beat L.A., Beat L.A.”

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No, there isn’t any chance. The final score was Lakers – 100, Orlando – 75. It was pretty ugly for the Magic.

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